Everything You Need to Know about Knott’s Chicken To Go, Curbside Pickup, and Social Distancing for Walk In Orders

knotts chicken bucket

Themepark lovers rejoice!  Knott’s Berry Farm California Marketplace is NOW OPEN!  Before you head over with your refillable drink cups and Charlie Brown tee shirts, here’s what you need to know.

  • The only places open are the Berry Marketplace, Bakery, and Knott’s Chicken To Go (not to be confused with Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant).
  • Masks are required to be worn to enter buildings, and social distancing is encouraged.
  • Season Passholder discounts apply at all three locations in person, but refillable drink cups are not valid.
  • You can order curbside pickup for Berry Marketplace and Knott’s Chicken To Go, but no Season Passholder Discounts apply.
  • Most of the property is still blocked off, so you can’t wander aimlessly around the grounds.
  • Parking is complementary with no time limit (go past the main entrance, turn right on Crescent Road, and turn right into the Marketplace Parking lot).
  • There are NO RESTROOMS OPEN.
  • Hours of Operation are 10am-6pm for the Berry Marketplace and 10am-7pm for the Bakery and Chicken To Go.  They are open every day.
  • If you don’t want to wait in lines, you can still get chocolate covered delicacies and pre packaged boysenberry cookies and toffee in the Berry Market.  The Knott’s Berry Farm Cookbook is also sold at the Berry Marketplace.  Lines can be long for the Bakery and Chicken To Go, but there was no wait to shop in the Berry Marketplace.

What Can you Buy at Knott’s California Marketplace?

The Berry Marketplace features Knott’s boysenberry themed jams, jellies and sauces.  You can also find coffee, packaged cookies, and boysenberry treats.  There is also a chocolate counter where you can purchase chocolate covered delicacies like chocolate covered smores, marshmallows, and truffles.  The new Knott’s Berry Farm Cookbook is also sold here (MSRP $20).  To eliminate cross exposure, you scan your items yourself, pay, and bag your items without having a Team Member handle your items.  You can also shop online and arrange a curbside pickup (or ship to your home) at www.marketplace.knotts.com The Berry Marketplace is open 10am-6pm daily.

knotts boysenberry preserves

The Bakery has everything from Boysenberry pies to full sized decorated cakes.  My kids especially love the huge cookies and individual cupcakes.  When we visited, I took home a personal cheesecake but I also love the individual lemon and fruit tarts.  These items are not available online.  The Bakery is open 10am-7pm daily.

knotts bakery

Knott’s Chicken To Go is the same chicken that is served at the sit down restaurant Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner, but in convenient to-go packages and portions.  You can order online at knotts.com, order by phone at (714) 220-5083, or walk in for take out.  Hours of operation are 10am-7pm daily.

knotts chicken meal

  • If you pre-order online or by phone, it will be curbside pickupNo Season Passholder Discount applies to pre-orders online or by phone.  When you order, you pick a date and pickup time (10am-7pm at the top of every hour).  You will be given a barcode which a Team Member will scan upon your arrival.  To pick up, enter the parking lot off Crescent and a Team Member will direct you to the pick up location gazebo.  All Chicken To Go orders will be sitting on a table at the beginning of your pick up time window.  I recommend arriving as close to your pick up time as possible to ensure hot and fresh food.  A Team Member will scan your barcode and hand you your food in your car.  You do not have to get out of your car.  If you arrive early, they will direct you to a parking spot to wait for your selected time slot.
  • If you’d like to do a walk in order for take out, enter the parking lot off Crescent Ave the same way, and tell the Team Member that you’d like to park for a walk in order.  They will direct you to park in the Marketplace Parking lot near Ghostrider (look for Rufus the Rooster!).  Walk toward the entrance of the park under Ghostrider and across the street.  There will be 2 lines:  Bakery to your right and Chicken To Go on the left.  Stand on the circles provided to ensure proper social distancing.  There are more menu options if you walk in to order AND Season Passholder Discounts apply!  You can also order fountain drinks including our beloved Boysenberry Punch.

knotts rufus

What’s Better?  Curbside Pickup or Walk In?

There are definitely pros and cons to each option.

  • Curbside Pickup: 
    • Pros–super convenient, you don’t have to leave your car, minimal lines, waiting, and exposure to people.
    • Cons–you don’t get your Season Passholder Discount and you’d still have to walk in if you want any Bakery items.
  • Walk In: 
    • Pros–Season Passholder Discount applies, you don’t have to plan ahead with your time frame, expanded menu and beverages, Bakery and Berry Market are right there for additional impulse purchases.
    • Cons–wait times can be long and you will be exposed to more people.

Knott’s Chicken To Go Menu

The options for curbside pickup can be found at knotts.com, but I’ve outlined them below:

Online Combo Menu

9-Piece Mixed Chicken Meal Bucket – $29*


  • 2 sides of mashed potatoes
  • 1 side of gravy
  • 1 side of whole kernel corn
  • 1/2 dozen biscuits with Boysenberry jam

14-Piece Mixed Chicken Meal Bucket – $37*


  • 2 sides of mashed potatoes
  • 1 side of gravy
  • 1 side of whole kernel corn
  • 1 dozen biscuits with Boysenberry jam

Breast & Wing Chicken Snack Box A – $11*


  • 1 side of mashed potatoes and gravy
  • 1 side of whole kernel corn
  • 2 biscuits with Boysenberry jam

Thigh & Leg Chicken Snack Box B  – $11*


  • 1 side of mashed potatoes and gravy
  • 1 side of whole kernel corn
  • 2 biscuits with Boysenberry jam


  • Corn – $5*
  • Potato Salad – $5*
  • Baked Beans – $5*
  • Mac & Cheese – $5*


  • Chocolate Bundt Cake – $5* (this is cheaper online!  It is $8 walk in)
  • Boysenberry Pie:
    • One Pie – $13*
    • Two Pies – $25*
    • Four Pies – $40*

*Plus tax

Additional Menu Items for Walk in:

  • 3 piece chicken box – $12.50
  • Dozen biscuits – $6, half dozen biscuits – $4
  • Grand Ave Bucket – $51.50
    • 22 pieces of chicken
    • 1 side of masked potatoes and 1 gravy
    • 2 sides of your choice
    • 1 dozen biscuits with preserves

Tips for Social Distancing for Walk In Orders

knotts social distancing

  • Don’t forget your mask!  In accordance with Ordinance No. 1681, a face covering is required for entrance into the facilities.
  • Leave the family at home or in the car.  Having one person standing in line and ordering food will reduce the crowds in the Marketplace and will reduce your family’s risk of exposure.
  • Look for the blue circles for where to stand to maintain a 6 feet distance.
  • Hand Sanitizer is readily available by every door.
  • Take your chicken TO GO.  Bring it home or eat in the car!  There are no tables or picnic areas open on Knott’s property.  We wanted to enjoy our chicken hot, so we ate our meal in the car.  Trash cans are available in the parking lot.  Remember to ask for plates and utensils when you pick up your food.
  • Be mindful of other people.  This should go without saying, but be respectful of other people’s space and encourage your family to stay near if you are waiting all together.

I am an official Knott’s Berry Farm Ambassador, but all thoughts and opinions are my own and do not reflect that of Knott’s Berry Farm.  You can find out more about me on Instagram @LittleGrayThread.

Everything You Need to Know About Boysenberry Festival FOOD at Knott’s Berry Farm

Snoopy Boysenberry Food

Boysenberry Snoopy looks over some of the Boysenberry Festival Food Offerings!  I am an official Knotts Berry Farm #KnottsAmbassador and I was invited to a media tasting preview.

Knott’s Berry Farm Boysenberry Festival is the annual food-inspired event that celebrates the very foundation of California’s first theme park:  the boysenberry!  Boysenberry Festival runs daily from March 20 through April 21 and is included with theme park admission.  At the Boysenberry Festival, you will find various Boysenberry themed food and drink offerings, special entertainment, and limited time character opportunities (I heard the Easter Beagle hops on by!).

Snoopy Boysenberry Festival

Knott’s Berry Farm offers a variety of food packages that include different menu items from the Boysenberry Festival.

  • Boysenberry Festival Tasting Card:  $40 ($38 for Season Passholders) includes 8 tasting tabs that is good for 26 select food and drink items at designated stations


  • All Day Dining Plan:  $31.99.  Includes an entree and a side every 90 minutes from a select menu at select locations.  You will hear me refer to these as “Meal Plan Eligible” items


  • All Day Dining Premium:  $42.99 (only available online at knotts.com).   Includes a “meal plan” entree and a side OR a select snack (like pickle, cotton candy, popcorn, ice cream) every 90 minutes.  Also includes a refillable souvenir bottle that entitles you to free soft drink refills every 15 minutes for the day.  You can also bring the souvenir bottle back for $1 refills through 2020 ($15.99 value)


  • All Season Dining:  $135 (for Season Passholders only).  Includes a “meal plan” entree and side 2 times per visit, 4 hours apart.  If you are a Season Passholder who visits Knott’s Berry Farm frequently, I highly recommend adding on all season dining.  This does not include the All Season Souvenir drink bottle which can be purchased separately for $31.99


Boysenberry Festival Tasting Card

Tasting Cards can be purchased in person or online at Knotts.com.  You will still have to redeem them at the park, so I recommend purchasing when you are there.  You can also purchase any of these items a la carte, but you MUST purchase a ticket before redeeming it for the food or drink at the food kiosks.  Individual tickets can be purchased at most quick service restaurant locations.

Tasting Card Savory Food Offerings

  • Pork Bao bun dumpling with a boysenberry kimchi and Nam pla Spurs Chophouse

Boysenberry Pork Bao

  • Boysenberry Cajun shrimp served over a bed of buttery grits (Gluten Free) Spurs Chophouse

Boysenberry Cajun Shrimp and Grits

  • Two chicken drumsticks bathed in boysenberry BBQ sauce (Gluten Free) Spurs Booth

Boysenberry Chicken Wings

Boysenberry Beer cheese soup with a boysenberry drizzle topped with brown butter croutons (vegetarian) Wilderness Dance Hall

Boysenberry Beer Cheese Soup

  • Grilled boysenberry sausage in a bun with boysenberry ketchup (Gluten Free bun available) Wilderness Dance Hall Booth

Boysenberry Sausage

  • Citrusy boysenberry ceviche with crispy tortilla chips (Gluten Free) Wilderness Broiler

Boysenberry Shrimp Ceviche

  • Homemade crunchy chips paired with a zesty boysenberry onion dip (vegetarian Gluten Free) Wilderness Broiler

Boysenberry Onion Dip and Chips

  • Hot pastrami sandwich on a pretzel bun with boysenberry mustard Wilderness Broiler

Boysenberry Pretzel Bun Pastrami

  • Sautéed brussel sprouts topped with boysenberry balsamic and bacon (vegan if ordered without bacon, Gluten Free)  Pemmican Pickle Booth

Boysenberry Brussel Sprouts with Bacon

  • Hearty boysenberry steak chili with an oven fresh boysenberry corn bread muffin (gluten free muffin available) Pemmican Pickle Booth

Boysenberry Steak Chili with Boysenberry Muffin

  • Samosa’s with boysenberry chutney (vegan) Wagon Wheel Pizza

Boysenberry Vegan Samosas

  • Rich chocolaty boysenberry chicken mole on cilantro rice (Gluten Free) Wagon Wheel Pizza

Boysenberry Chicken Mole on Cilantro Rice

  • Elote rolled in boysenberry mayo  topped with a boysenberry tortilla crumble and cotija cheese (vegetarian, vegan without the cheese) Chow House Booth

Boysenberry Elote

  • Creamy mac and cheese bites with a tangy boysenberry ketchup (vegetarian) Calico Fry Co.

Boysenberry Mac N Cheese Bites


Tasting Card Dessert Food Offerings

  • Glazed donut holes served with rich boysenberry ice cream and topped with boysenberry coulis (vegetarian) Ghost Town Bakery

Boysenberry Donut Bites

  • Boysenberry macaron, a sensational French dessert (vegan, Gluten Free) Ghost Town Bakery

Boysenberry Macaron

  • Boysenberry bread pudding topped with boysenberry coulis and anglaise sauce (vegetarian) Wagon Wheel Pizza

boysenberry bread pudding

  • A sweet boysenberry smoothie packed with fruity flavors (vegan, Gluten Free) Silver Bullet Booth

boysenberry smoothie

  • Churros powdered with boysenberry sugar (vegetarian) Silver Bullet Booth

Boysenberry Churros

  • Boysenberry Cookiewich (vegetarian) Silver Bullet in Dip N’ Dots Booth

boysenberry cookiewich

Tasting Card Drink Offerings (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)

  • Refreshing lemonade with basil and boysenberry
  • Boysenberry Beer
  • Boysenberry Sangria
  • Boysenberry Wine
  • Boysenberry Mimosa

Craft Beer and Wine Tasting Card

boysenberry festival craft beer and wine

If you only want to try the boysenberry themed alcoholic beverages, you can opt to purchase a separate Craft Beer ad Wine Tasting Card.  This card is $35 and includes eight 7oz tastings of beer or wine, souvenir Knott’s cup, and cheese and nut plate.  You can choose from 10 breweries and 10 wineries.  The Craft Beer and Wine Tasting area is located in the Wilderness Dance Hall behind Town Hall in Ghost Town.  You can purchase the Craft Beer and Wine Tasting card at the Wilderness Dance Hall.

Meal Plan Eligible Food Offerings

You can get “Meal Plan Eligible” foods through the All Season Dining, All Day Dining Plan, or All Day Dining Premium.

  • Boysenberry BBQ Pulled Pork French Fries–La Papa Loca in Fiesta Village

Meal Plan pulled pork mac n cheese

  • Plain Tamales with Boysenberry Sweet Sauce–Cantina in Fiesta Village

Meal Plan Boysenberry Tamales

  • Boysenberry Butter Grilled Cheese Sandwich, plain or with Pork Belly–Grizzly Creek Lodge in Camp Snoopy

Meal Plan Boysenberry Grilled Cheese Grizzly

  • Boysenberry Sausage and Meatball Pizza–Beachy Keen’s

Meal Plan Boysenberry Pizza

  • Riblets in Boysenberry BBQ Sauce–Boardwalk BBQ

Meal Plan Boysenberry Riblets Boardwalk BBQ

  • Turkey Sandwich Burger with Boysenberry Aioli–Coaster’s

Meal Plan Turkey Sandwhich Coasters

Other Noteable Boysenberry Festival Foods

These food items are not included on the Tasting Card or the Dining Plan, but can be purchased separately.

  • Boysenberry Pork Shawarma Tacos with Mango Salsa–Spurs

Boysenberry Tacos

  • Two foot long Hot Dog on a Boysenberry Bun–$20, Fiesta Dogs

Two foot long hot dog on boysenberry bun Fiesta Dogs

  • Funnel Cake topped with a Stuffed Donut, boysenberry Ice Cream, and Boysenberry Whipped Cream–Sutter’s Funnel Cake and Cable Car Kitchen (outside the park)

Boysenberry Sutters Funnel Cake

  • Boysenberry Funnel Cake topped with a Boysenberry Cookie and Ice Cream–Log Ride Funnel Cake and Cable Car Kitchen

Boysenberry Log Ride Funnel cake

  • Boysenberry Shake topped with a Boysenberry Cake–Coasters and Cable Car Kitchen

Boysenberry Milkshake

  • Fun Bun Cinnamon Roll with a Boysenberry Glaze–Ghost Town Grub

Boysenberry Fun Bun

  • Boysenberry Crepe with Bananas and Chocolate–Ghost Town Grub

boysenberry crepe

  • Boysenberry Churro Toffee–Berry Market located outside the park in the California Marketplace

Boysenberry Churro Toffee

  • Boysenberry and Strawberry Boba–Gourmet Coffee Hut near Charles M Schulz Theater.  I know everyone is excited about Boysenberry Boba, but I’ve never been able to get behind it.  The Strawberry flavor is new this year, so I will try to keep an open mind.  I’m putting it on this list because I know people are going to want to try it, but I can’t say I have been a fan in the past.  Just my preference!

boysenberry boba

  • Boysenberry Dole Whip (vegetarian, Gluten Free) Beachy Keen’s Pizza near Charles M Schultz Theater

boysenberry dole whip

What Food Plan Should I Get?

If you are only visiting for one day with your family or a group of friends, I would get a Tasting Card and an All Day Dining Premium.  With this option, you will be able to try a variety of Boysenberry Festival foods in addition to the larger Meal Plan Eligible options, AND get the all day refillable souvenir drink bottle.

If you are a Season Passholder and visit often, I would add on the All Season Dining and buy a Tasting Card.  I will always recommend adding on the All Season Dining if you are frequent visitors because the Dining Plan really does pay for itself.  Read here how many plans I think you need within your family.  I definitely recommend also buying the Tasting Card so you can try the limited time offerings as well.

If you are a vegetarian, I recommend buying the Tasting Card.  I was impressed with how many vegetarian options that have been added this year.  If you are splitting the card with a group of friends, I also recommend buying the Boysenberry Grilled Cheese (without pork belly) as a meal.

If you are vegan, I recommend buying the Samosas and Brussel Sprouts (without the bacon) a la carte.  Unless you are splitting the Tasting Card with non-vegan friends, it just wouldn’t be worth it.

Jenielle LittleGrayThread

Whew that was a lot of information!  I am happy to answer any questions you might have along the way.  I also have a full video review of some of the foods we tried at the media preview on IGTV.  You can contact me directly through dm on instagram @littlegraythread.  I will be updating this article once Boysenberry Festival officially starts with more specific locations to find these delicious foods!


Everything You Need to Know about Knott’s Peanuts Celebration

knotts peanuts celebration

Peanuts Celebration at Knotts Berry Farm is one of our FAVORITE seasons because of all the character interaction!  There are so many ways that your kids can become part of the celebration with these unique kid participation activities.  These activities only take place on Knott’s Peanuts Celebration days (weekends through March 1 with extra days on February 10, 14, and 17).

Welcome Spike to Knott’s Berry Farm!

knotts peanuts celenration spike

Did you know that Snoopy has brothers and sisters from the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm?Spike is Snoopy’s brother, and he has come all the way from Needles to meet guests for Knott’s Peanuts Celebration!  You can find Spike in Calico Square in between the Cowboy Jamboree Games and in the evening for the Discoteca Silencio in Fiesta Village.

Sketch School

knotts peanuts celebration sketch school noel

Located in the Bird Cage Theater in Ghost Town (right by the school house), Animator Noel teaches you how to draw different Peanuts characters throughout the day.  Upon entering, everyone gets their own clipboard, paper and pencil to draw along.  Kids are also invited to sit on the stage with Noel during the demonstration.  Noel is a wealth of knowledge about the Peanuts comic strip and he is a joy to talk to after the show.  He might even let you sit in the Animator’s chair for a photo!  Since this is an indoor activity, this is perfect for when the weather is too hot, too cold, or too wet.

“Space Beagle” Camp Snoopy Show

Our favorite Camp Snoopy Theater celebrating NASA has returned!  This fun show features Lucy, Charlie Brown, two NASA astronauts, and everyone’s favorite Space Beagle, Snoopy!  There are a couple interactive parts of the show where the kids are invited to take a moonwalk with the characters and help keep an eye out for Woodstock martians.  The Camp Snoopy Theater is located in the heart of Camp Snoopy, right by the airplane ride.  You can find Camp Snoopy if you turn right immediately after entering the main gates.  Space Beagle plays every day, not just on Knott’s Peanuts Celebration days.

NEW! “Happiness Is…” Daytime Character Show

knotts peanuts celebration happiness is characters

On the Calico Main Stage just past the train tracks is the NEW daytime show “Happiness Is…”  This is a high energy song and dance show featuring Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, and Peppermint Patty.  This show celebrates how people are unique and different and how that is a beautiful thing.  Keep an eye out for some cool trampoline stunts, too!

Pig Pen with a real Pigs in a Pen

knotts peanuts celebration pigpen

Pig Pen made his Knotts Berry Farm debut last year, and we are so happy he is back with his pig friends in the stables!  Along with the horses and Brutus the mule, you can meet a handful a little real piglets in true Pig Pen fashion.  Pig Pen is only available for meet and greets during weekends for Knott’s Peanuts Celebration.

Cowboy Jamboree with Franklin and Linus

Kids can participate in mini games with Franklin and Linus in their horse vests in Calico Square right outside of the saloon.  Activities are different all throughout the day, so you’ll want to keep checking back!  When we visited, they participate in an egg race and had their try at roping cattle.  Franklin and Linus are available for photos after the games.

Spike’s Discoteca de Silencio

After the sun sets at 5:00, head over to Fiesta Village for a Silent Disco!  Each person on the dance floor gets a personal set of headphones that pipes in music.  Dance with your friends to the same song, or choose a genre just for yourself!  To the outside person, it’ll look like everyone is dancing to the beat of their own drum.  Spike also makes an appearance!

“Woodstock’s Music Festival” with Jelly of the Month Club Nighttime Show

knotts peanuts celebration jelly of the month

The Calico Mine Stage transforms for Woodstock’s Music Festival with shows at 5:30 and 7:00.  Join roadies Charlie Brown, Lucy and Linus as they go through a musical journey of all hound related songs.  My favorite part was seeing all of Woodstock and Snoopy’s costume changes!

Peanuts Characters Surprise Pop-ups

Keep your eyes and ears open, because Schroeder, Lucy, Sally and Peppermint Patty are popping up all over the park!  These special interaction times and locations are not announced on any schedule, but I will say you should hang around the fountain by the train tracks for mini parade and wishing session.  If you hear music coming from the fountain, definitely check it out!

Charlie Brown Day

Charlie Brown Day usually falls on Super Bowl Sunday, and it is a holiday dedicated to the one and only Charlie Brown!  Guests are encouraged to dress in their Charlie Browniest classic yellow shirt with black zig zags.  Commemorative free buttons are handed out upon entry and a group picture is taken on the Calico Mine Stage at 11:00.  It was a great turnout this year!

Seasonal Knott’s Peanuts Celebration Food

knotts peanuts celebration food

This is almost a complete list of all of the food offerings for Knott’s Peanuts Celebration.  There is also a Boar Sausage that is available at Fireman’s BBQ, “Peppi Fries” fries with mozzarella, marina sauce, and pepperoni from La Papa Loca, and “The Juicy Lucy” cheese stuffed burger with BBQ sauce and onion rings at Coasters.  Here is a list of the Meal-Plan Eligible foods:

  • Peppi Fries (Papa Loca)

knotts peanuts celebration peppi fries

  • Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese (Wagon Wheel Pizza):  ask for an extra plate to make eating way easier!
  • Sweet Chili Thai Pizza (Wagon Wheel Pizza and Sutters Pizza) and Thai Herb and Peanut Pie (Beachy Keens)

knotts peanuts celebration pizza

  • Junkyard Dog (Wilderness Broiler)

knotts peanuts celebration junkyard dog

  • Sloppy Joe Burger (Boardwalk BBQ)

knotts peanuts celebration sloppy joe

  • The Juicy Lucy Burger (Coasters)

knotts peanuts celebration juicy lucy

  • Fiesta Dogs has been rethemed to Snoopy’s Dog House featuring 8 new hot dogs, served with a bag of chips
    • Beagle Scout Dog: an all beef dog topped with roasted poblano Mac and Cheese
    • Snoopy Dog:  bacon wrapped dog
    • Andy Dog:  Smoked Bacon wrapped dog, chipotle aioli, pickled jalapenos and cotija cheese carmelized onions
    • The Spike:  an all beef dog with cole slaw, bbq ranch and crumbled doritos
    • The Joe Cool:  Chili, cheddar and onions
    • The Belle Dog:  vegetarian Dog with Corn relish, guacamole and crispy jalapeno bites
    • The Olaf:  foot long topped witih chili, bacon, cheddar, and onions

knotts peanuts celeration happiness is

For more of our Knott’s Berry Farm adventures, find us on Instagram @littlegraythread!














































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































How to Save Money at the NEW Build a Bear at Knott’s Berry Farm

Build a Bear Knotts Berry Farm

Bear fans rejoice!  Build a Bear has opened its doors in the Knott’s Berry Farm California Marketplace!  The store is located outside of the theme park gates so you do not need park admission to shop.  It is conveniently located in between Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant and Virginia’s Gift Shop right outside the theme park exit gates.

Knotts Build a Bear Options

There’s no exclusive Knott’s Berry Farm merchandise yet, but they are expecting new items next month.  We saw a variety of furry friends available to stuff from the basic $12 Lil’ pudding cub to licensed characters from How to Train your Dragon and Pokemon.  The cowboy themed outfits were perfect for the western theme of Knott’s Berry Farm, although my daughter gravitated to the pink and sparkly items to dress up her beloved Charlie Brown stuffy (this was purchased in the park a few years ago, as it can be tell that it has been well loved during the years!).

Helpful Tips Before You Go

Knotts Western Bears Build a Bear

Hours of Operation:  Build a Bear is open one hour before and one hour after Knott’s Berry Farm’s operational hours.  So if the park is open from 10am to 6pm, Build a Bear is open from 9am to 7pm.  If the park is open until 10pm for peak hours, Build a Bear will remain open until 11pm.  Reservations are not required.

Annual Pass Discounts and Giftcards:  Passholders and employees can enjoy 10% off regardless of the level of the Annual Pass.  Build a Bear coupons and promotions are accepted at this location.

Knotts Western Build a Bear

Parking:  If you are not spending all day inside Knott’s Berry Farm, you can park at the nearby Marketplace Parking.  Parking is FREE for the first hour, and you can get an additional 2 free hours with a $20 purchase at any California Marketplace restaurant or shop.  Here is a list of my favorite California Marketplace shopping and dining locations:

  • Build a Bear (naturally you’ll be wanting to spend money here!)
  • Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant–the classic sit down restaurant.  You can make reservations here through Open Table
  • Virginia’s Gift Shop–Knott’s merchandise, jams, novelty toys and collectibles
  • Farm Bakery–freshly baked pies, pastries, cookies, and custom special order full cakes
  • Chicken-to-go–Don’t have the time to sit down for a full meal?  Order the same Mrs. Knott’s Chicken and sides to take home.
  • Starbucks
  • Cable Car Kitchen–my favorite hidden gem because this is where you can find ALL the FUNNELCAKES!  You can find all the seasonal funnelcakes in one place in addition to other specialty desserts and hand scooped ice cream.  Hours vary during the week.
  • T.G.I. Fridays–located on the other side of the crosswalk, but still qualifies for validated parking!
  • Peanut’s Headquarters–also located on the other side of the crosswalk, but here you will find all things Snoopy!  You’ll also find the iconic Charlie Brown Striped wall here.

Birthday Parties (they’re not as pricey as you think!)

Knotts Build a Bear Birthday Party

I’m a big fan of Build a Bear parties–we’ve done several of them throughout the years!  There are party packages advertised on the Build a Bear Website, but here are my tips on how to cut costs:

  • Stick to the $12 basic bear.  When we had our parties, our party host pulled only the $12 bears to help us stick to our budget.  We gave our guests the option to upgrade their bears if they wanted to pay for the difference in price.
  • Make clothes and accessories.  One year, I made simple skirts and bow ties for our guests to put in their party favor bags.  The kids loved dressing up the bears and the parents didn’t feel as pressured to buy additional items the day of.
  • Order Chicken-to-go for a fun meal.  There are several tables and outside sitting areas, or pack some blankets to have a fun picnic.
  • Pre-order a specialty cake from Farm Bakery.  Cakes run around $30 before Annual Pass Discount.  Another option is to take all the guests to Farm Bakery and have each friend pick out a special treat.
  • For something that is uniquely Knott’s, celebrate with a birthday funnel cake from Cable Car Kitchen!  Ice cream is also available.

The Build a Bear Guarantee

Build a Bear Doctor

Did you know that once you create a Build a Bear, you have a Lifetime Guarantee?  This means that you can bring back your furry friend whenever you want for a spa day to get refluffed, restuffed and pampered FOR FREE.  One of our bears got a hole after some extended hugs and cuddles, so we brought it back to the Build a Bear Doctors (you can go to any location).

The kids were able to go through the entire process again from the fluffing station, heart ceremony, to post stuffing fluff completely free of charge.  This is also a wonderful option if you adopt a Build a Bear from someone else.  You can bring it in to any Build a Bear to get destuffed so you can properly give your new friend a sanitized bath at home.  Please note that the rules are a little tighter with the licensed characters like Pokemon, so always leave the destuffing to the professionals at the Build a Bear stores.

Shop Online

Build a Bear Sound Station

Don’t see what you’re looking for in store?  Anything that is purchased online can be brought to life in store.  The wonderful Bear Associates can even order something for you from the store itself.  They have some really amazing sales from time to time on the website in addition to some online exclusive merchandise.  There’s even Snoopy friends and accessories that are online only.

Giftcards and Promotions

Knotts Build a Bear inside

When I booked my parties, I paid my deposit using giftcards purchased at Costco.  If you have a Costco membership, you can purchase $100 giftcards for $80.  I sweetened the deal because I hopped on a Black Friday sale where I paid $70 for $100 in gift cards.  Additionally, I was able to take advantage of the in store gift card promotion.  With every $25 purchase, I was able to purchase a $10 giftcard for only $5.  My deposit for the party was only about $100, so I was able to get $40 in giftcards for only $20!  Here’s how the pricing went down for when I planned our parties:

  • I estimated the cost of the party to be around $15 a guest since I was sticking to the $12 bears.  We had 10 participants so the total cost would be around $150.
  • I paid the $100 deposit using my Costco Black Friday giftcards (so $70 out of pocket)
  • I was able to buy $40 extra giftcards for $20.  At this point, I can put down $140 with only spending $70 + $20 = $90 out of pocket.
  • That leaves only about $10 more, which makes the entire party only $100 for 10 guests, saving me $50 out of pocket.

See!  Super affordable!  I feel like the going rate for birthday parties is upwards of $20 a guest, so this makes Build a Bear a really great deal.  We are BEARY excited that Build a Bear is now at Knott’s Berry Farm!  Can’t wait to see that parks exclusive merch!

Knotts Berry Farm Build a Bear

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Celebrating 100 Years at Knott’s Berry Farm

Jenielle Berry Blogger

I couldn’t have asked for a better 2019.  It was my first year as an official Knott’s Berry Farm Berry Blogger.  Knott’s Berry Farm has been an integral part of my children’s childhood and I was honored to be able to share in the storytelling of the fun an exciting things happening at the farm!  Looking forward to 2020, this will be a legendary year for Knott’s Berry Farm as we will be celebrating it’s 100th Anniversary!  Here is what you can expect for the Centennial Celebration:

Knott’s Bear-y Tales: Return to the Fair


A new 4-D interactive dark ride that will take guests on an exciting journey through reimagined show scenes that are reminiscent of the original dark ride, including the Boysenberry Pie Factory, Frog Forest, Fortune Teller Camp, Thunder Cave, and Weird Woods,  culminating in a celebration at the County Fair. The story takes place 34 years after the original adventure and will follow Boysen Bear and Girlsen Bear as they travel to the Country Fair to earn the blue ribbon prize for their famous boysenberry pies, but Crafty Coyote is back along with his mischievous pups intent on stealing all the pies for themselves. Guests will climb aboard ride vehicles equipped with jelly blasters to try and recover the stolen boysenberry pies as they travel through whimsical and beautiful environments while competing for the highest score.  “Knott’s Bear-Y Tales: Return to the Fair” will be taking the place of “Iron Reef”.  The last day to experience “Iron Reef” is January 5, 2020.

PEANUTS Celebration:  weekends January 25-March 1


The fan favorites return starting with Knott’s PEANUTS Celebration, a unique event dedicated to the beloved PEANUTS characters, taking place weekends from January 25 – March 1, 2020.  Here is a recap of PEANUTS Celebration from 2019.

Boysenberry Festival:  March 20-April 19

Boysenberry Festival LittleGray Thread

In spring, the much-anticipated Knott’s Boysenberry Festival returns with an array of one-of-a-kind boysenberry inspired food and drink items created by the Knott’s culinary team. The Knott’s Boysenberry Festival will offer a month of deliciousness from March 20 – April 19, 2020.  Here is a recap of Boysenberry Festival from 2019.

A Knott’s Family Reunion:  May 15-August 30

Knott’s will be celebrating its 100th milestone anniversary by immersing guests in new and nostalgic experiences throughout the park, delighting guests of all ages.  Ghost Town Alive! will return with a new interactive storyline for guests to explore and unravel alongside the characters of Calico. And the summer fun will continue long after the sun goes down when a special 100th Anniversary edition of the popular nighttime party, Knott’s Summer Nights returns with new live music, unique summer food offerings, Instagram-able photo opportunities, interactive experiences, and family-friendly games. Both Ghost Town Alive! and Knott’s Summer Nights will be offered on select days starting May 15 – August 30, 2020.  Here is a recap of Summer Nights at Knotts and how to experience Ghost Town Alive.

Knott’s Spooky Farm:  September 26-October 31

For fall, the spooktacular family-friendly daytime Halloween event, Knott’s Spooky Farm, will invite families with little ghouls ages 3-11 to celebrate the spooky season exclusively on weekends starting September 26 – October 31, 2020.  Here is a recap of Spooky Farm from 2019.

Knott’s Merry Farm:  November 20-January 3

As winter rolls in, the feeling of Christmas will be discovered at Knott’s Merry Farm, where joy will be in season from November 20, 2020 – January 3, 2021.  Here are my favorite foods from Merry Farm from 2019.

2020 Season Pass Information

Knotts purple Pass

The best way to enjoy all of the fun offered during the 100th-anniversary celebration at Knott’s along with all of the other exciting Seasons of Fun events is with a 2020 Season Pass. (I wrote an article breaking down the different season passes here.)

  • A Regular Season Pass (purple) includes unlimited admission in 2020 to Knott’s Berry Farm with no blackout dates.
  • A Gold Season Pass includes unlimited admission in 2020 to both Knott’s Berry Farm and Knott’s Soak City Waterpark with no blackout dates.
  • A Platinum Season Pass includes unlimted admission in 2020 to all Ceder Fair Parks across the country (there is Great America in Northern California) AND parking is INCLUDED.

Knott’s Season passes are now available at the lowest price of the year. Regular Passes are $99 or nine easy payments of $9.50 after an initial payment, and Gold Passes are $120 or nine easy payments of just $11.50 after an initial payment. These offers end on January 5, 2020. Applicable taxes and fees apply. Payment plans are only available at knotts.com.

Giveaway! (closed)

Boysenberry Festival LittleGrayThread Family

To celebrate the upcoming 100th celebration, I am giving away a Family Four (4) pack of 2020 Knott’s Berry Farm Season Passes ($99 value each)!  You’ll will also get a surprise box of Merry Farm goodies (I’ll be revealing these on my instastories at @littlegraythread on instagram).  Here’s how to enter:

  • Make sure you are following me on instagram @littlegraythread
  • Like! our facebook page Little Gray Thread
  • Leave a comment below telling me your favorite Knott’s Berry Farm memory or what season you’re looking forward to the most in 2020 (please leave instagram @ handle in the comments so I can notify the winner through instagram).
  • Check back on Instagram and Facebook for additional ways to enter

That’s it!  Giveaway will end on December 26, 2019 at 11:59pm PST.  Winner will be announced through instagram on December 27, 2019.

For more information about next year’s milestone celebration, the new Knott’s Bear-y Tales attraction and Knott’s Season Passes, please visit knotts.com. Join the conversation about the newly announced event at Knott’s this year by using #Knotts100 or #AKnottsFamilyReunion.



What to do at Knott’s Berry Farm in the Rain during Christmastime Merry Farm

littlegraythread rain

Rain?  In California?!  Yes, it happens sometimes!  Although Knott’s Berry Farm sometimes closes in inclimate weather (check their social channel @KnottsBerryFarm the morning of to be sure), there are still plenty of things to do if it is raining off and on.  Here are some of our favorite inside activities to do in the rain during Merry Farm.

Santa’s Christmas Cabin (located behind the School House in the Wilderness Dance Hall)

wilderness dance hall

The elves have come to Knott’s Merry Farm!  You can also meet Santa and take photos with your own camera or purchase a photo package.  Warm cookies, milk and hot cocoa are available for purchase.  In the building next door, you can decorate cookies for an additional fee.

Birdcage Theater (located next to the School House)


There are two rotating shows featuring the classic Scrooge Christmas Carol.  “Marley’s Wings” is new this year and is an upbeat musical show that is great for kids.  “A Christmas Carol” is a little darker and might be scary for young children.  “A Christmas Carol” plays at 11:30, 2:00, and 4:00 and “Marley’s Wings” plays at 12:30 and 3:00.  You might be able to meet the cast in the lobby after the show!

Saloon Show with Cameo Kate and Dakota Dan


Our favorite saloon performers are back with a Christmas show!  Sit back with a sarsaparilla and some fresh popcorn and enjoy the show indoors.  Show times are at 11, 12:30, 2, 3:30, 4:30.

Merry Christmas Snoopy on Ice at the Charles M. Shultz Theater (located across the train tracks, turn left past the fountain)

snoopy on ice

Check knotts.com for the most up to date entertainment schedule.  Merry Christmas Snoopy on Ice is usually closed on Wednesdays.

Christmas Craft Fair

christmas craft fair

If Knott’s Berry Farm is open, so is the Craft Fair!  Visit local artisans to find the perfect Holiday gift.  Our favorite is Miss Doolittles and her slime factory!  For $8, you can create your own slime with add ins and scents of your choice.

Dining Tips

If the rain is bad, most outdoor quick service restaurants might be closed.  You can typically find all the seasonal Merry Farm foods at Sutters which is the main quick service restaurant located at the front of Ghost Town.  I was able to get the seasonal Fried Green Beans (usually at Calico Fry Co) and Mac n Cheese Lorraine (usually from Wagon Wheel Pizza) both at Sutters.

If you’re looking for a place with inside seating, head to Grizzly Creek Lodge in Camp Snoopy or Coaster Diner near Xcellerator.  Boardwalk BBQ has ample seating under cover, but it is not indoors.  Ghost Town Grill is also a sit down restaurant located in the heart of Calico.

Shows and Entertainment that is typically cancelled in the rain:

  • Peanuts Guide to Christmas (Camp Snoopy Theater)
  • Calico Carolers Bell Ringers (if it is not sprinkling, they might come out)
  • Home for the Holidays (Calico Stage)
  • Wagon Wheel Stunt Show


There is still so much to do in the rain at Merry Farm!  As always, check back with Knotts for the latest update on closures.  For more of our adventures at Knotts, find us on Instagram @littlegraythread.

Knott’s Merry Farm Season Eats and Treats: What’s on the Meal Plan?

littlegraythread meal plan merry farm

It’s the Merriest–and the yummiest–time of the year at Knott’s Berry Farm!  The limited time holiday foods are some of my favorites, especially since I have a soft spot for anything that is Thanksgiving Dinner themed!  They have expanded the offerings for 2019 and many of the items are meal plan eligible!

knotts merry farm food

Upon entry, you can pick up a Merry Farm Event Guide.  Merry Farm happens daily from November 22 through January 5 with select days featuring special holiday entertainment.  Food and treats are available every day inside and outside the park at the California Marketplace.

Wagon Wheel Pizza (located near Ghostrider)

mac n cheese lorraine

  • Mac Lorraine and Plain Mac n Cheese:  Macaroni with a white cheese sauce, bacon and chives served in a Naan bread cone.  Meal Plan Eligible.

Calico Fry Co. (located near Wagon Camp Stunt Show)

Fried Green Beans - Calico Fry

  • Fried Green Beans served with mushroom soup dip.  Meal Plan Eligible

Sutters Pizza (located next to Calico Fry Co.)

  • Apple Pie Dessert Pizza:  topped with apple pie filling, brown sugar crumble, and a cream cheese icing  Meal Plan Eligible

Beachy Keen’s Pizza (located near Charles M. Schulz Theater, Snoopy on Ice)

holiday pizzas

  • White Christmas Pizza:  white cheese sauce, ricotta and mozzarella cheese, garlic, chicken and chives.  Meal Plan Eligible.
  • Apple Pie Dessert Pizza.  Meal Plan Eligible.

Coasters Diner (located near Xcellerator)

holiday turkey burger

  • Turkey Dinner Burger:  Turkey patty, cranberry mayo, apple sage stuffing on a pretzel bun.  Meal Plan Eligible.
  • Holiday Shakes:  Peppermint or Eggnog (around $6)

Boardwalk BBQ

holiday turkey sandwich

  • Turkey Dinner Sandwich:  Carved turkey, stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce ona  french roll.  Meal Plan Eligible.

Fiesta Dogs (located in Fiesta Village)

Christmas Chicago Dog - Fiesta Dog

  • Christmas Chicago Dog:  Vienna hot dog, dill pickle, tomato slices, relish, mustard, sport peppers on a green bun.  Meal Plan Eligible.

Papa Loca (located in Fiesta Village)

Holiday Poutine - Papa Loca

  • Holiday Poutine:  sweet potato fries, cheese curds, cranberries, turkey and gravy.  Meal Plan Eligible

Grizzly Creek Lodge (located in Camp Snoopy)


  • Stromboli:  Ham, cheese and marinara sauce in pizza dough.  Meal Plan Eligible

Ghost Town Grill (sit down restaurant in Ghost Town)

  • Turkey Pasty:  turkey breast, wild mushrooms, cream, potatoes, cranberries, and spinach served in a pie crust pocket
  • Classic Turkey Dinner:  Turkey breast, apple sage stuffing, green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberry sauce

Ghost Town Bakery (located near Ghostrider and First Aid)

cheesecake on a stick

  • Mini Christmas Ornament Chocolate Candy Apples
  • Christmas Bark:  Milk chocolate English Toffee, peppermint white chocolate, and pistachio cranberry dark chocolate

Santa’s Christmas Cabin (located in the Wilderness Dance Hall behind the School House in Ghost Town.  You can also meet Santa!)

Turkey Bites- Santa's Christmas Cabin

  • Holiday Turkey Balls
  • Holiday Turkey Eggrolls
  • Cookie Shots:  chocolate chip and red velvet
  • Cranberry-Apricot Wild Boar Sausage:  with caramelized onions, spicy mustard on a hoagie bun
  • Belgium Waffles
  • Warm chocolate chip cookies and milk

Seasonal Funnel Cakes:  All funnel cakes can be found outside the park at Cable Car Kitchen (S’mores, Maple Pecan, Horchata and Peppermint).  They can be served with scooped ice cream at Cable Car Kitchen whereas they only have vanilla soft serve inside the park.

  • S’mores Funnel Cake:  at Sutter’s Funnel Cake near Sutter’s quick service restaurant
  • Maple Pecan Funnel Cake:  at Ghost Town Grub (in Ghost Town near Firemen’s).  They also have the fried Christmas Cookie Dough Bites here
  • Horchata Funnel Cake:  at Log Ride Funnel Cake

California Marketplace:  shops and restaurants outside the park before you go through security

  • Cable Car Kitchen:  variety of funnel cake, churro sundaes, cookie sundaes, and a $15 holiday milkshake served with a donut
  • DoughKnotts:  Holiday stuffed donuts

holiday doughknotts

  • The Farm Bakery:  Winter Mint Macaron Snowmen, baklava, eggnog Christmas Tree Cheesecake on a Stick
  • Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant:  holiday menu includes chicken parmasan, meat pie popovers, and more

Dining Tips and Tricks

  • With the Knott’s Berry Farm meal plan, you are allowed 2 meals per visit, 4 hours apart.  Regular year-round options are also available during this time.
  • If you don’t have a meal plan on your pass, you can buy a single day All Day Dining wristband for $32.99.  This way, you can try any meal plan eligible item every 90 minutes.
  • The fastest place to grab Meal Plan Food is Boardwalk BBQ
  • Don’t have a park admission ticket?  No problem!  Enjoy seasonal eats outside the park at the California Marketplace at The Farm Bakery, Doughknotts, and Cable Car Kitchen.  Don’t forget about the world’s famous Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant.
  • If you run into a situation where an employee says that a food item is not on the meal plan, you can politely ask them to try to see if it will go through.  It’s not a guarantee, but it’s worth a shot!

merry farm littlegraythread

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How to Enjoy Knott’s Merry Farm for FREE–the Christmas Crafts Village

That’s right.  You you read it.  You can get into Knott’s Berry Farm for FREE on select days to experience the Christmas Crafts Village in Ghost Town.  This is one of the best kept secrets and it’s actually how I first started visiting Knott’s 5 years ago before I had a pass.  The dates for FREE Ghost Town Admission for 2019 are December 2-5 and December 9-12.


The Christmas Crafts Village is a shopping wonderland where local artisans sell their unique gifts in pop up kiosks in the Ghost Town section of Knott’s Berry Farm.  Many of these artist have been part of the Christmas Crafts Village for years and it has become part of our family traditions to peruse their shops.  The girls love the handmade beaded necklaces and sand dragons, and we always make a point to stop to say hi to Miss Doolittle and “Mama” (they are set up right outside of the saloon, so be sure to stop by!).

Admission is FREE to visit the Ghost Town area, which also means you have free access to everything within Calico.  This also encompasses Santa’s cottage where you can meet Santa, take your own photos with him or purchase a photo package, and indulge in some of the Holiday food offerings.

Here are some of my favorite attractions in Calico (show times are subject to change):

  • Calico Carolers Bell Ringers (sets are 12:30, 1:30, 3:00, 4:00)
  • Calico Saloon Show (11, 12:30, 2, 3:30, 4:30)
  • Wild West Stunt Show (12:30, 2, 4)
  • Snow and Glow (6:30, 7:30, 8:30)
  • Tree Lighting (5:15)–this happens just beyond the gates of Calico, but you can still see it!
  • Visit the School House
  • Cookie Decorating near Santa’s Cabin (extra fee)
  • Paint and Take Pottery (extra fee)

Foods and Restaurants:  Definitely take advantage of the Holiday food offerings right outside of Santa’s Cabin (I wrote an entire article just about food)–the turkey dinner bites are my favorite and are a steal at 2 for $5.99.  When you visit Santa, you’ll be greeted by the smell of a freshly baked cookie, which is served with milk for $3.50.  Other seasonal food items are the fried green beans from Calico Fry Company (by the Stunt Show), Mac n Cheese Lorraine from Wagon Wheel Pizza (by Ghostrider exit) and the Holiday White Pizza and Apple Dessert Pizza Beachy Keen’s and Wagon Wheel Pizza.

Outside the park, you can pick up a gourmet Dough-Knott from the bakery right before the security clearance.  Right next door at Cable Car Kitchen, you can get all FOUR seasonal funnel cakes with scooped ice cream (side note:  this is the only place you can get scooped ice cream–all the other vendors inside the park are soft serve).  You can also take home Mrs. Knott’s famous fried chicken at Chicken to Go, or make reservations at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner restaurant for a sit-down experience.

Christmas Craft Village free entry days are Monday through Thursday, December 2-5 and December 9-12.  Admission is required for all other days.  To enter, go to the side of the entrance near the Starbucks.  On-site parking is available for $20, or short term MarketPlace parking is complimentary for up to 1 hour.  Each additional half hour or portion is $10 each with a maximum daily charge of $30. All lost tickets will be charged $30. An additional 2 hours of free parking is available with a validated ticket and receipt showing a $19 or more minimum purchase from any California MarketPlace restaurant or shop.  In sum, you can enjoy 3 hours of free MarketPlace parking if you spend $19 at one of the shops or restaurantsMore information about the Christmas Craft Village can be found here.  You can also view a highlight reel of our Knotts adventures on Instagram @littlegraythread.

Rare Characters You can Meet at Knott’s Spooky Farm

spooky farm pig pen costume

Knott’s Spooky Farm (not to be confused with Haunt Knott’s SCARY Farm) is the daytime family friendly Halloween layover in Ghost Town and Camp Snoopy.  You do not need a special ticket for Knott’s Spooky Farm since it is included with your theme park admission.  The activities in Ghost Town are only available on weekends and on October 31 while Halloween activities occur daily in Camp Snoopy.

Daily Activities in Camp Snoopy (During the week and weekends)

spooky farm railroad

  • “The Monsters are Coming Charlie Brown” show in Camp Snoopy Theater
  • Meet the Peanuts Gang in their Halloween Costumes (more on that later)
  • Grand Sierra Railroad Halloween Overlay
  • Timber Mountain Log Ride: Halloween Hootenanny (this may be scary for young kids)

Weekend only Activities in Ghost Town (in addition to activities above)

spooky farm ghouls

  • FREE Trick or Treating for kids 11 and under.  Get your complementary purple bag when you first come in through the maingates.  There are 6 Trick or Treat locations located throughout Calico.  Look for the orange barrels.
  • Meet the Ghouls of Ghost Town.  Don’t worry–they’re all friendly ghosts!
  • Ghoulash–about every hour, the ghouls gather in front of the school house to tell jokes
  • Creepy Critters of Calico in the Livery Barn
  • Linus’ Pumpkin Patch and activities in Calico Square
  • “Calling all the Monsters” Costume Contest at Camp Snoopy Theater at 3:15
  • Spooky Story Time show in the Birdcage Theater–comedic retelling of the Tale of the Headless Horseman

Halloween Peanuts Characters in Camp Snoopy

Most of the Peanuts Gang is dressed up in their Halloween costumes for Spooky Farm!  Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy, and JT meet in the gazebo directly following “The Monsters are Coming Charlie Brown” show in Camp Snoopy Theater.  Linus is the only character that is not wearing a Halloween costume since he is waiting for the Great Pumpkin in Calico Square.  The other Peanuts Characters meet on various days all around Camp Snoopy.  If you are looking for a specific character, you can ask an escort in a purple Spooky Farm tee shirt.

  • JT in her 50’s outfit
  • Snoopy as the Masked Beagle
  • Frankenstein Charlie Brown
  • Witch Lucy
  • Skeleton Pig Pen (NEW!)
  • Pumpkin Flower Sally
  • Phantom of the Opera Schroeder
  • Mummy Peppermint Patty
  • Vampire Franklin
  • Pirate Woodstock
  • Linus in the Pumpkin Patch in Calico Square (no costume)

Ghouls in Ghost Town

My favorite part of Knotts Spooky Farm is playing with the friendly ghouls in Calico!  Every ghoul has a unique storyline–ask them how they died!  New ghoul Miss Issippi told me that the reason why she died is because she wore white after labor day.  Nosy Posy is another new ghoul in town that is also known as the town gossip.  Ollie Board is a railroad driver and my daughters love chasing him through Ghost Town.  About every hour, the ghouls will congregate around the School House for “Ghoulash”, a time for jokes and puns.

spooky farm linus pumpkin patch

Knott’s Spooky Farm runs weekends and on October 31.  For more information, visit the Knott’s website here.

Everything You Need to Know about Knott’s Scary Farm

scary farm logo

Get ready for the fog!  Knott’s Scary Farm is coming to Knott’s Berry Farm on select nights September 19 through November 2.  Last year was my first time at Haunt and I had no idea what to expect!  Here is everything you need to know about this high thrill Halloween event!

What is Knott’s Scary Farm

spooky ghost town

Knott’s Scary Farm, or “Haunt” for short, is a separate ticketed event on select Halloween season nights.  It is a high thrill scary Halloween event with monsters, mazes, scare zones, and themed shows.  Even though there is no enforced age limit, it is recommended for guests age 13 and up.  Knott’s Scary Farm should not be confused with Knott’s Spooky Farm which is the family friendly Halloween event that happens during daytime hours on weekends at Knott’s Berry Farm.

Things to do at Scary Farm

Be prepared to get scared!  Scare Zones are locations in the parks where monsters roam free.  They can stalk, jump, slide, yell, shake cans of beans, but never touch you (and you should never touch them!).  Mazes are huge sets that you walk through where monsters can jump out.  These are the main attraction of Scary Farm and lines for these can get very long.  If you need a break from frights, catch a show for some comedic relief.

Scare Zones

  • Ghost Town Streets:  monsters and sliders (scare actors who skid on their knees) in the Ghost Town Calico area
  • Carnevil:  clowns in the Boardwalk area from Johnny Rockets to Xcellerator (by Hangtime)
  • The Hollows:  monsters in the Camp Snoopy area with occasional show stops by the waterfall
  • Forsaken Lake:  calvacade that happens just past the railroad tracks near the Log Ride entrance (pathway to Fiesta).  NEW this year is a bigger and better parade.


  • Awaken the Dead Fiesta:  Dia de los muertos dancers with a live dj (not scary), located on the stage in Fiesta Village
  • The Conjuring:  Improv show now located in the Birdcage Theater in Ghost Town (not scary)
  • The Hanging:  big nightly show on the outdoor Calico Stage featuring current pop culture trends (not scary)
  • NEW! Brian Henson’s Puppet Up:  part improv, part puppet show, completely unscripted and uncensored.  Located in the Charles M Schulz Theater (not scary but likely very raunchy)

puppet up logo


  • NEW Wax Works:  Former Plastic Surgeon turned Wax Collector enjoys turning people into his demented works of art

wax works

  • NEW Origins: the Curse of Calico:  Finally a maze that links together a scare zone, the Hanging, and a maze.  Origins: The Curse of Calico tells the story of how a witch cursed the land of Calico before her attempted hanging.  The fog that covers the Ghost Town Streets scare zone represents the witch’s curse.  This brand new maze will take place near the Ghost Town cemetery.  Keep your eyes out for some familiar Ghost Town Alive faces!

origins maze

  • FINAL YEAR Shadowlands
  • FINAL YEAR Special Ops Infected:  (zombie maze with laser gun).  New this year is a split track to make each walk through spontaneous and unique
  • Dark Entities:  improved lighting and enhanced scares
  • The Depths:  new elevator scene
  • Dark Ride:  Gift shop added at the end
  • Pumpkin Eater
  • Paranormal Inc

NEW Exclusive Merchandise

The Iron Reef gift shop located near the Charles M Schulz Theater has been rethemed for Hallowen and is now called the “Bizarre Bazaar”.  Yes, there is a Knott’s Scary Farm spirit jersey.  Is it even a theme park if there wasn’t a coordinating spirit jersey?

Also new this year are commemorative pins.  There are 4 for 2019 celebrating the new mazes (Origins and Wax Works) and the two mazes in its finale year (Shadowlands and Ops).  Each pin is priced at $9.95 before tax.  Also be on the look out for exclusive desserts and dining options only available during Haunt!

Admission Dates and Prices

Thursdays through Sundays from September 19 through November 2.  If you have a single day ticket or Season Pass to Knott’s Berry Farm, you will need a separate ticket for Scary Farm.  Hours are Thursdays and Sundays 7pm-1am, and Fridays and Saturday 7pm-2am.  Note that regular Knott’s Berry Farm daily hours end a little bit earlier on Scary Farm days (weekends close at 5:00!).  Even if you are staying for Haunt, you will have to exit the park since they completely clear out the park before letting people in for the after hours event.

  • Single Night Admission:  $84 at the gates
  • Save money and buy tickets online:  Single night admission starting at $43 at http://www.knottsscaryfarm.com
  • Scary Farm Season Pass:  $100 for non passholders, $90 for passholders
  • Fright and Fast Lane Pass:  starting at $90 add on to bypass the line of all mazes and Fast Lane eligible roller coasters (HIGHLY recommended)

fright and fast lane

  • Knott’s Scary Farm Boo-fet and early entry:  Dine with the monsters before Scary Farm at this dinner buffet.  $37.99 (Scary Farm admission required and not included).  Includes refillable souvenir cup ($14.99 value), one digital download photo with a monster at the dinner, and early entry so you can beat the popular maze lines
  • Visit www.knottsscaryfarm.com for exclusive bundle discounts and additional discounts for Season Passholders

Frequently Asked Questions

spooky fountain 2

  • This is a separate ticketed event from daytime Knott’s Berry Farm.  You will need to buy a ticket even if you have an Annual Pass.
  • Meal plans are NOT valid during Haunt, but souvenir drink refills ARE VALID.
  • Parking passes ARE VALID (and police are extra vigilant about ticketing in illegal parking areas in neighborhoods).  A parking pass can be bought ahead of time for $22.
  • There is no age limit enforced, but this event is recommended for guests age 13 and up.
  • DON’T TOUCH THE SCARE ACTORS.  They are people too.

What ticket should I get?

If there’s the slightest chance that you would want to go more than once, definitely get the Knott’s Scary Farm Season pass ($90-$100).  It pays for itself in under 2 visits and you won’t feel pressured to do all the mazes in one evening.  If you only have one day to visit, I would highly consider the Fright and Fast Lane wristband (starting at $90 add on or $125 bundled with admission).  Lines for mazes can easily be over an hour long and the only way to see everything is with the front of the line pass.  If you don’t want to spend quite that much, I would book a Boo-fet dinner which allows you early entry ($37.99 add on or $77.99 with admission).  Since this includes the souvenir cup valued at $14.99, you’re basically paying $23 for a great meal and access to mazes with a short wait time.

KSF littlegraythread

Get ready for Haunt and see you in the fog!  For more of our adventures at Knott’s Berry Farm, follow us on instagram @littlegraythread.  Photos courtesy of Knott’s Berry Farm.