Hi! I’m Jenielle and I’m the Mom to these two little girls. LittleGray is “the big one” and LittleSage is “the little one”.  You might recognize us from a viral video of “Disneyland Loki” taking “Baby Loki” on a tour of Disney California Adventure.  Yup, that’s us!


I started making costumes for my daughters because I couldn’t find very many matchy matchy sister clothes.  We were lucky to consider Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm our favorite playgrounds and visited the parks at least once a week.  Additionally, my daughters gravitated to the unique characters which were not being manufactured in stores.  What started as a fun hobby became a creative outlet and a sense of autonomy.  I started to see how these ordinary costumes transformed my daughters’ theme park visits into the extraordinary.

The costumes I make are nothing fancy.  I take the cheapest fabric, use the simplest stitches, and turn it into something different:  a memory for my daughters, an experience they wouldn’t otherwise have without it, a conversation starter, a gateway to make new friends.  I started creating easy DIY costume tutorials to show inspire other people to make costumes too.

We currently reside in Orange County and love to experience attractions and kids events in the Los Angeles to San Diego area.  Before I venture into a new place, I like to research all the secret tips and tricks to make my life easier.  I’ve been sharing my secrets with you in various “Kids Guides” to make your life easier too.

I’m no one extravagant.  I’m a basic mom, just like many of you.  I’m a mom inspired to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.