Barbie Career of the Year 2020: the Campaign Team

Barbie 2020 Campaign Team Career of the Year

2020 is a year that will go down in history.  Coronavirus, Black Lives Matter, an Election Year.  Every year, Barbie picks a career that is underrepresented by women to introduce girls to a role that they might not be familiar with.  It makes complete sense that the 2020 Barbie Career of the Year goes to the Campaign Team! 

Barbie 2020 Career of the Year 4 pack

Barbie and Mattel sent the Campaign Team set to me for free to review.  When I opened the package, I cried.  Especially since I have two mixed-race, half-Asian daughters, I have become increasingly aware of the importance of teaching them to be world changers.  My platform is dedicated to teaching diversity, inclusion, and how to raise better kids.  It warmed my heart that Mattel has noticed that this is something that is important to me and included me on this initial launch.

Barbie Campaign Team

There are four dolls in the the Campaign Team which makes this the biggest career set yet!

  • Campaign Fundraiser:  works to raise the money needed to run a campaign
  • Campaign Manager:  works in partnership with the candidate while overseeing the day-to-day operations of the campaign
  • Candidate:  an individual who decides to run for an elected office
  • Voter:  will vote for a candidate running for office

Below are the descriptions of each role that is written on the back of the box:


They give speeches to communicate their ideas and show how their leadership skills make them the best person to represent their community.  They participate in campaign events and fundraiser to raise money for their campaign.  Candidates take time to speak with voters to learn what issues are important to each person.  Do you like to take the lead and drive change?  You Can Be a Candidate!

Campaign Manager

They write and manage the campaign plan and set goals toward winning an election.  they book the candidate for events, run voter outreach and keep the campaign organized and running smoothly.  Campaign Managers work well with all members of the campaign team to keep the candidate focused as they make their way to election day!  Do you like to set goals and motivate?  You Can Be a Campaign Manager!

Campaign Fundraiser

They research fundraising opportunities and create strategies to ehlp the candidate raise money for their campiagn.  They roganize and train volunteers who participate in fundraising events for teh candidate.  It is important that they work with the campiagn team and the candidate to meet financial goals that keep the campaign running on budget.  Do you like working toward a fundraising goal and volunteering?  You Can Be a Campaign Fundraiser!


Voters register to vote and cast their ballot by mail or at their local polling place.  They inform their choice by doing research or using voter guides to learn more about each candidate’s position on certain issues.  Voters are important to a campaign as they use their vote to pick the best person for office.  Do you like making your voice heard?  You Can Be a Voter!

What We Do at She Should Run

The 2020 Barbie Career of the Year Campaign Team is being released in partnership with a nonpartisan nonprofit organization called She Should Run.  Even though women represent 51% of the U.S. population, they only represent less than a third of the nation’s selected leaders.  By the age of five, studies show that girls stop believing that their gender can be anything.  This is called the “Dream Gap” and Barbie is on a mission to close it.

In efforts to help adults spark a conversation about leadership with girls, She Should Run offers a free “Help Her Lead” curriculum available on their website.  Topics include:

  • She Looks like a Leader
  • Help Her Change the World
  • Build Her Confidence
  • Combat Racial Discrimination With Her

Each topic contains eight to ten subtopics which can be anything from an informational video, related articles or discussion questions.  This is something that can be done casually with your own kids or even on a more organized level in a small group setting.  I am definitely inspired to dive into this curriculum with my own family and I’m hoping to start up a group with a close circle of friends!

Barbie Campaign Team Dolls

Voting day is coming up on November 3, but don’t forget to get your mail in ballots mailed by October 20!  Even though my kids are years away from legally casting their first vote, I’m starting the conversation about voting NOW.  We talk about the importance of having a voice and how it took a long time for women to even have a vote.  They see injustice in the world and we talk about how other people make decisions and laws for us.  They see the importance of choosing those people and how we need to do all we can do educate ourselves to make the right choices that align with our values.  Thank you, Barbie, for inspiring the our next generation of leaders.  To learn more visit:

Barbie Dream Gap

Find us on Instagram @littlegraythread for more resources on diversity, anti-racist parenting, and toy reviews!

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