How to Experience Ghost Town Alive If you Don’t Have All Day


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Ghost Town is ALIVE this summer and there are so many FREE things to do throughout the day!  Along with jumping into the storyline to see what unfolds for the day (Bank robberies!  Trails!  Someone gets thrown in jail!), you can also participate in scheduled quick activities.  

If this is your first time visiting Calico and you don’t know the difference between a Citizen and a Mayfield (and who are these new Calvary people anyway?), I encourage you to read my article on the Knott’s Berry Farm Blog:  Who’s Who of Ghost Town AliveIf you don’t have all day to play in Calico, here are some of my favorite quick activities for kids.  

Scavenger Hunts in Calico

Explores Potts and Coulter have brought a plethora of strange new critters to town.  Stop by the Calico Gazette or Town Hall to pick up your Wilderness Guide to identify some of these animals.  Match the symbols on the map to different small signs in town to guess what animal they might be.  Be sure to check out the Gimmelblam bird in Town Hall!

It wouldn’t be called “Ghost Town” without ghosts!  Doc Carter is the resident paranormal specialist (you can find him in the Barber Shop).  Pick up a list of popular paranormal activity spots from the Calico Gazette and see for yourself!

Founder’s Day Activities and Mayfield Games

Ghost Town Alive Founders Day Games

There are a series of Founder’s Day Activities and Mayfield games that happen throughout the day.  Everyone is welcome to play and the winners get a ribbon and bragging rights.  The girls’ favorites were the shooting tournament and pony races!

Daily Classes at the School House

New this year is daily scheduled classes at the School House!  The girls particularly liked the music lesson (they have a performance, too!), and collaborative art.  At the end of the class, you can ask for a report card to take home.  Come back at 5:00 for the graduation where you can make your own graduation hat!

Play Cards in the Sheriff’s Office

Did you know the Sheriff is great at cards?  Head to the Sheriff’s office to see if he’s up for a little gambling and you might come out a winner!  Most of the time, you’ll leave with a wooden Calico Coin, but sometimes you might win the Deed to one of the buildings in Calico!

Make a Bow or Design a Dress in the Dress Shop

The Dress Shop is one of our favorite places in Calico!  Not only does it have the best ice cube (read: air conditioning), but it houses a ton of historic crafting items like looms.  Miss Ashley or Miss Flora can also help you make a bow that you can take home.  They also have vintage plates where you can design your own outfit.

Get your Name in the Paper

Did you know there are 5 editions of the Newspaper, the Calico Gazette, printed daily?  Since Miss Audrey, the town reporter, is always on the case, she’s always looking for the latest scoop.  You can find her at the Calico Gazette and ask if shes working on a story or if she needs a quote for an article.  You might find your name in the paper!

Mini Games and Puzzles around Town

Did you know there are mini games and brainteasers in almost every building at Calico?  We love to help Miss Lucy with her hotel reservations in the hotel and learn about plants and minerals at the Assay office.  You might even be able to help Doc Carter with a science experiment in the Barber Shop!

Hoe Down

Did you even go to Ghost Town Alive if you didn’t dance at the Hoe Down?  I guarantee you at least 3 people will invite you to the nightly Hoe Down at 5:30.  This is when the entire town of Calico congregates in Calico Square (right outside the Saloon) for the nightly festivities.  Learn a few new dances with your newfound friends and say goodbye for the evening…until it all starts over again the next morning!

For more of our adventures at Knott’s Berry Farm, you can follow us over at @littlegraythread on Instagram!

18 thoughts on “How to Experience Ghost Town Alive If you Don’t Have All Day

  1. Thanks for all the detailed tips! We were there last Thursday and I wish I would’ve known all these things were going on! Hopefully we can go back soon!


  2. I went last year and I can’t wait to go again this summer. I’m so happy that Knott’s is really thriving and it’s the place to be.


  3. I love how this experience can be super complex OR super simplified depending on the needs/feels of your family for the day! Thanks so much for breaking it down for us!


  4. This is so cool! I wish they did this throughout the year! We usually go in January when first responders get in free and get a discount. Reminds me of going to Calico ghost town when I was a kid, they had citizens walking around too. So I think it’s awesome that the town Walter bought is now part of Knott’s Berry farm!


  5. Thank you for all of the tips! My family and I have not visited Knott’s in years but watching all of your adventures has us planning a visit!!!


  6. So much fun! Thanks for the tips! I’ve got this blog post saved so if we go we will know exactly where to go and what to do!


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