Phantom of the Opera Now Playing at Segerstrom Center in Orange County July 10-21

Phantom of the Opera Segerstrom

Angel of Music!  After finishing a month long residency at the Hollywood Pantages Theater, the North American Tour of Phantom of the Opera will be at Segerstrom Center of the Arts in Costa Mesa from July 10 through July 21!  Segerstrom Center of the Arts provided me with three tickets to see this show in exchange for a honest review.  I took my sister, who introduced me to everything Broadway, and my 4 year old daughter LittleSage.


Phantom of the Opera has always been one of my favorite musicals!  My sisters and I used to sing all the songs when we were little (my favorite is the frog croaking scene).  It was one of the first Broadway musicals I saw at the Orpheum in San Francisco.  One of my favorite ways to prepare to see a show is to find out a little more about the touring cast on their social media channels.  The official Instagram account for the North American Tour is @phantomtour.  Here, you’ll find the latest information about the show and cast.  I love when the cast does Instagram Story Takeovers because it gives you a unique behind the scenes look at what goes on to make a Broadway Show.

Did I Really take my 4 year old to see Phantom of the Opera?

Yes I did!  Out of my two daughters, LittleSage is “less scared” than LittleGray and she tends to gravitate to the uncommon.  I decided not to take LittleGray because knowing her personality, I thought that she would be scared of the Phantom.  You definitely know your own children the best and it is up to you if you decide to bring them.  Luckily, Segerstrom Center of the Arts does not have an age policy and I didn’t have to worry about them turning her away at the door.  They welcomed her with open arms and everyone complimented her on her masquerade dress and Phantom mask.

How Did She Do?

Segerstrom Mirrors

She absolutely loved the show!  Granted, LittleSage is no stranger to the theater (this is her 6th Broadway show!), and she is able to sit through performances with no problem.  We used the tips that I wrote about here about how to introduce your kids to Broadway like playing the soundtrack in the car and purchasing the souvenir program.  As soon as she flipped through and saw a photo of the Phantom in his Masquerade Mask, she was in love!  The “New” version of the Phantom of the Opera has gorgeous moving set pieces, amazing shadow special effects, and even pyrotechnics.  All of these things added immensely to the show and she didn’t find them to be scary.  If you’re not familiar with Phantom of the Opera, there are a few murders by hanging that are depicted, but it didn’t phase her.

The Stage Door Experience

Even though it was late when the show ended, I asked LittleSage if she wanted to meet the cast at the Stage Door (if you’ve never had a Stage Door experience, I wrote all about it in this article).  She eagerly nodded yes so we got out of the theater as quickly as we could and headed to the door.  We arrived just in time to meet Jordan Craig (Raoul), Eva Tavares (Christine), SarahGrace Mariani (Meg), and Derrick Davis (The Phantom).  She told them all that her favorite scene was the Graveyard Scene (go figure) and had them sign by their pictures.  I highly recommend having a Stage Door experience because it really does make it personal for the kids as they can put a face to a name.


During a recent Instagram Story Takeover from the resident Christine, Eva Tavares, I learned that there are three people who rotate to play the role of Christine.  Ever since Phantom has been in existence, the main Christine only performs 6 shows a week.  The alternate Christine performs the other 2, and the standby Christine is on hand in the case of illness.  Eva Tavares will have her LAST run as Christine at Segerstrom where she will take her final bow with the North American tour.  Starting August 7 (in Hawaii!), Emma Grimsley (who is the current alternate Christine) will be taking over as the main Christine.


Tickets to Phantom of the Opera start at just $35.75.  The 2:00 performance on July 20 will include audio description, open captioning, and sign language interpretation.  Tickets can be bought at, calling (714) 556-2787, or in person at the box office.

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