The Fun Starts when the Sun Sets at “Summer Nights” at Knott’s Berry Farm

Knotts Summer Nights

A brand new nighttime only experience #KnottsSummerNights is here at @knottsberryfarm! The fun starts when the sun starts to set every day at 6pm. Guests can enjoy food tasting booths, free lawn games (see below to see the girls’ reaction when LittleSage almost broke the game 😬), live entertainment, and brand new characters!

Here’s what you need to know: #KnottsSummerNights is included with park admission. You can buy food a la carte from the booths, but it is WAY cheaper if you get the Tasting Card (8 tabs for $35). Live band entertainment will change weekly (check the Knott’s website for the schedule). This happens every night through August 11 from 6pm to closing.

$35 Food Tasting Card

The main event:  the food!  This is very similar to Boysenberry Festival.  There are 9 unique booths that are only open after 6pm.  The booths are all located around the train tracks by the Calico Stage and the big Charleston Circle Fountain outside of Johnny Rockets.  There are a few booths on the other side of the train tracks on the Ghost Town side.  All food and drink items can be purchased a la carte, but I found that it’s a much better deal to get the $35 Tasting Card.  Most items are around $9 a la carte (beer pours are $11!), but each tab averages down to only  $4.37 each.

As always, some items are a better pick than others.  Our favorites were the shrimp and sausage skewer and Chili in a cornbread bowl.  Some of the portions are smaller than others (I noticed that the Corn Cup and Salad Bowl were pretty small), so look around before you make your food tab decisions.  There are two locations for beer:  Judge Roy Beans near the Stagecoach ride and Booth “H” right on the other side of the tracks.  Fresh squeezed lemonades are only sold on the side of the ice cream stand by the Calico Saloon.  My favorite picks for desserts are the Ice Cream Cookie-which (choice of Boysenberry, vanilla, or butter pecan ice cream with chocolate chip, lemon, or caramel cookies), or the customizable caramel dipped apple.

Live Entertainment

What’s Summer Nights without live bands?  There are 3 locations for live entertainment:  Calico Mine Stage (huge stage near the fountain), Calico Park Stage (right outside of the Saloon), and the DJ on top of the Surf Shop by the Hang Time gift shop exit.  Different bands will be performing throughout the summer.  You can check out the band schedule here.

Krazy Kirk at Knotts

Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies are also playing sets in the Wagon Wheel amphitheater where the stunt show takes place during the day.  These guys are a theme park staple and I 100% recommend catching a show!

New Characters and Lawn Games

A whole slew of new characters called the “Party Planning crew” come out around 6:30 with fun games and activities.  Each character have names with a twist like “Justin Credible” and “Anna Break”.  The girls loved dancing with Helena Highwater!  There are free play games like corn hole, hole in one golf, and beach ball pong.  Our favorite was Tiki Toss where you have to get a tiny ring on a stretchy string on a hook on the board.  It’s super addictive!  Luckily there are a lot of Tiki Toss boards through the Summer Nights area!

What you Need to know about Summer Nights

  • Included with park admission
  • Happens every day starting at 6pm
  • Food booths open at 6pm
  • 3 venues for live entertainment starting at 7pm
  • new characters and free games and activities
  • Food Tasting Card–$35 for 8 tabs, valid through August 11

Knotts Summer Nights Sunset

More information about Knott’s Berry Farm Summer Nights can be found on their website, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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