The Easter Bunny Returns to South Coast Plaza

South Coast Plaza Easter Bunny LittleGrayThread

Spring has sprung at South Coast Plaza, the premier shopping destination in Costa Mesa!  We were invited to experience the Spring activities and meet the Easter Bunny on his first day of the season.

Easter Bunny pictures are a full on extravaganza at South Coast Plaza.  I literally felt that I was transported to an indoor garden full of cherry blossom trees and enchanted bunny egg trails.  Everywhere I looked was a beautiful place to take instagram pictures, and the girls loved discovering all the hidden treasures.  Their favorite was the well where you can see your reflection in the bottom.

The Easter Bunny

There are actually two Easter Bunny meet and greets at South Coast Plaza.  Both locations are open all shopping hours.  One location is at Easter Bunny Plaza which is located in the Macy’s Home Store Wing (the side with H&M).  This bunny is a more traditional Easter Bunny, but he looks very similar to Peter Rabbit!  If you’ve visited this location before, he has a brand new look for 2019.

We had the opportunity to visit the main area in Carousel Court located near Baby Gap and the Disney Store.  This little bunny is an interactive animatronic bunny that talks with the kids.  If your child is scared of big fuzzy characters, this little guy might be a great solution.  The girls loved his funny attitude and got a kick out of how he talked to them in real time.

There are 10 different photo packages to choose from.  If you’re not planning on purchasing a package, you can still visit the Easter Bunny for free.  There is also an option to take photos with your own camera for $10 (no video recording is allowed).


Package 1
Digital Package (Up to 4 photos on a Flash Drive)  $51

Package 2
(2) 5 x 7, (2) 3 x 5, (4) Wallets (same image) $39

Package 3
(2) Digital Images on Flash Drive (multiple images) $30

Package 4
(2) 5 x 7 (multiple images) $28

Package 5
(1) 5 x 7, (1) 3 x 5, (2) Wallets (same image) $25

Package 6
(1) 5 x 7 with Flash Drive (same image) $23

Package 7
(2) Wallets, (2) Key Chains $19 (same image, key chains included)

Package 8
(1) 5 x 7 $15

Package 9
(4) Wallets (same image) $15

Package 10
Your own camera $10
(Package price per camera, per pose. Limit 3 photos. No video please.)

Purchase any photo package 1–9 and use your own camera for free. One pose per package (you may purchase more than one package). Video cameras not allowed.

Additional Spring Activities at Carousel Court

You can’t go all the way to South Coast Plaza without taking a spin on the bunny carousel!  This season carousel is only around through April 30.  Tickets are only $1 a person and you also get a coupon (usually a free kids meal with purchase at one of the nearby restaurants).  My friends and I used to buy a ticket for the carousel just to take advantage of these coupons!

South Coast Plaza Easter Crafts

There are also springtime crafts available for a nominal fee.  All of the crafts were under $10.  You can choose from birdhouses, bunnies, a pull toy duck, or a frog bank (which is what the girls chose!).  Markets are available for them to decorate the wooden crafts.

Restaurant Recommendations

After all the springtime fun, your family is bound to have worked up an appetite!  Head down the aisle towards Gap Kids and find the Barilla restaurant.  If you’re wondering why that name sounds familiar, yes, it is the same Barilla you can find in stores and that your family already knows and loves!  We were treated to dinner, and it sure was a treat!  The girls enjoyed their kids meals (I added shrimp and salmon to their noodles) and I devoured my pesto pasta with salmon.

No meal is complete without dessert.  We tried the chocolate cake, cheesecake, and caramel panna cotta.  The girls’ favorite was the chocolate cake (they shared with their friends!) and I loved the panna cotta.  If you can’t finish everything, be sure to take it home in a to-go container.  This is really random but their to-go containers are my absolute favorite!  They’re dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe–I always try to snag a couple when we dine at Barilla!

More information about the Springtime offerings at South Coast Plaza can be found on their website or on Instagram.  Thank you so much to South Coast Plaza and Barilla Restaurant for inviting us!

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