Favorite Moments of Knotts Berry Farm Peanuts Celebration 2019

Knotts Berry Farm

It’s hard to believe that Knotts Berry Farm Peanuts Celebration 2019 is already coming to a close!  With the crazy amounts of rain we had this season, we weren’t able to experience everything as much as last year, but we still had some memories that I want to remember forever.  Here are my top 10 favorite moments from Peanuts Celebration 2019

1.  Kicking of Knotts Peanuts Celebration as my first event as a Berry Blogger at the Knotts Berry Farm Hotel

Berry Bloggers

My official start as a Berry Blogger happened to be the day before the Knotts Peanuts Celebration kickoff!  It was our first time staying at the Knotts Berry Farm Hotel and I hope it won’t be our last.  We also tried the breakfast at Amber Waves and met Chef Snoopy for the first time!

2.  Charlie Brown Day in the Rain

Charlie Brown Day

Charlie Brown Day is one of my favorite guest appreciation days, especially since LittleSage is obsessed with Charlie Brown (or Emon as she calls him).  The weather had been particularly stormy that week and no one was sure if Knotts would be able to even open for the event.  We majorly lucked out that day and happened to be indoors the few times it downpoured.  It was so much fun meeting up with my fellow Berry Bloggers in all our yellow and black zig zags!

3.  Making Kite Cookies at Cordelia’s Pie Shop

This was one of the new things this year at Peanut’s Celebration and it was extra special since I usually don’t spend the extra money on little activities like this.  But since the Peanuts Celebration desserts were on sale AND I got my season passholder discount on top of it, I obliged which make my girls’ entire life.  They LOVED being able to get creative and it was an added bonus that they got to eat a cookie at the end.  The buckets ended up being the perfect size to hold snacks and clipped on conveniently to my stroller!

Knotts Berry Farm

4.  Woodstock’s Birds Nest

Another thing new this year to Peanut’s Celebration was the retheming of Woodstock’s Bird Nest.  LittleGray’s favorite Peanuts character is Woodstock so she was so hyped that there was an entire ride based on him.  The views were gorgeous as always.

5.  Music Goes Round and Around

I LOVE this musical show on the Calico Stage because it’s one of the few mainstage shows that happens during the day!  The songs are catchy and super informative about the history of music.  We all love seeing Karin on stage and it’s a treat to see our favorite Peanuts characters perform.

Music Goes Round and Around

6.  Sketch School

Sketch School was a popular activity this year because it was something that could be enjoyed even during the rain!  Noel is one of our favorite Knotts performers and he always has us  laughing with his one liners and insane knowledge of Peanuts culture.  It’s such a treat to be able to sit on the Bird Cage Theater stage and an even bigger privilege to sit in the official artist chair!

Knotts Sketch School

7.  Pig Pen and Piggies

Pig Pen

Since this year was the Year of the Pig for lunar new year, pigs were extra special this year.  Pig Pen typically only comes out on Peanuts Celebration days so it was fun seeing a rare character.  LittleGray’s favorite animal are pigs so it was really neat for her to get to see them up close.

8.  Silent Disco at the Fiesta Stage

Usually the Silent Disco only takes place at night, but the girls got to participate in a special KTLA5 News spot in the morning.  They got to try on the headphones and dance to the Silent Disco with the characters in their rare costumes.  I wish they had these characters out year round!

Silent Disco

9. Cowboy Jamboree with Linus and Franklin

The mini games and activities throughout the day were always a highlight because it gave us a chance to have fun with Linus and Franklin.  Since the games changed throughout the day, we would usually come back a couple of times.  It was such a fun experience instead of the usual stop, smile, and take a picture.

10.  Pop Up Character Interactions

Knotts Berry Farm

Having “Dinner” with the Peanuts gang

We got lucky and happen to catch the Peanuts Gang in one of their pop up character experiences!  We were having dinner at Boardwalk BBQ when Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus and Sally happened to stop by.  It wasn’t super crowded, so the characters got to spend a little extra time with us.  They played games like Simon Says and even sat around the dinner table with us.  It was one of the most unique character interactions we ever had and I will never forget it.

Knotts Berry Farm

Wishing Fountain Moments

Knotts Berry Farm

My all time favorite moments of the Peanuts Celebration are the pop up moments at the fountain.  Although we missed the trolley this year, I was excited to see the mini parade moment where the kids could play instruments with the characters.  The girls loved getting a real penny to throw into the fountain with Sally and Lucy.  It made them felt so special and it was the perfect way to end the Peanuts Celebration.

Even though we’re sad about Knotts Peanuts Celebration coming to a close, that just means Boysenberry Festival is right around the corner!  The last day for Peanuts Celebration is March 10, but Boysenberry Festival will start on March 29.

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