Favorite Bags for Christmas Travel

Christmas 2018 has come and gone, and we survived another Christmas out of town.  Traveling with kids can be tricky, especially when you also have to transport all the Christmas gifts in addition to the normal clothes and toiletries that come with staying overnight.


This was the first year that the girls were responsible for their own luggage.  I chose these rolling trolleys from Lassig.  They were the perfect size to fit their clothes for a week, and were small enough for them to handle on their own.  It also came with a matching drawstring bag which they used as a dirty clothes bag.  Throughout the week, we were able to stay organized and it made unpacking a breeze when we returned home.  Another reason to choose Lassig is that they are a Fair Play company, which means they pay their employees a fair salary and never use child labor.  They also used recycled materials for some of their textiles which makes it a very eco friendly product.


Since we were driving, Lassig also sent the girls matching car wrap to go organizers.  I love how the entire Lassig line is coordinating.  I stocked the organizers with the girls’ favorite treats and a couple of new activity sticker packs for the road.  The top right compartment is an insulated water bottle holder which came in handy.  The girls were able to access the compartments from their carseats and they were entertained for our entire trip.


For my transportation entertainment, I packed my laptop and planner in the Mix n Match Lassig bag in gray.  Since this is a diaper bag, it is also the queen of organization pockets.  My laptop fit nicely in the main compartment and I had sections to keep my pens, planner, and chargers all tucked away.  The Mix n Match bag also has 2 side main pockets where I stored my Christmas Cards (that I forgot to give out), sunglasses, and other smaller items.  Save 25% with code “littlegraythread25” on lassigusa.com.


My biggest challenge was trying to figure out how to transport Christmas Presents.  I came across the LUMEHRA FlexBag from a fellow blogger and I knew it would work well for this situation.  A lot of the girls’ presents had loose tiny parts, so the FlexBag was a great solution to ensure that everything arrived in one piece.  I was shocked how much fit into the FlexBag and the handles made it super easy to transport.  Once all the presents were unwrapped, we packed them all back up in the FlexBag and loaded it into the car.  The FlexBag is currently 25% off on amazon.com, no code required.


I received all products for free in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.


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