Ultimate Kids Gift Guide #SaltyPineappleApproved

It’s that time of the year again!  It can be so hard to think of the perfect present for the kid who seems to have everything, so the girls have been working hard on a list of their favorite toys.  Some of these these items were sent to us for free to review, but all of them have been tried and true favorites.  For reference, LittleGray is in 1st grade and LittleSage is in preschool.  LittleSage can be a tough nut to crack so if something is #SaltyPineappleApproved, then you know you have a winner on your hands.  I’ve linked most of the items below using affiliate links.

Outdoor Toys

1.  EzyRoller Classic (affiliate link): $99, save 15% off with code “LittleGrayThread_15”

We received these for our whole family to review and these are one of the most well enjoyed things we have ever received in the mail.  It is similar to a plasma car in that it is self propelled using your feet in a wiggle motion.  The girls call them their “bikes” except you sit on a seat low to the ground so falling off is less of a risk.  During the summer when it was still light at night, we would take them to the park and go on family rides.  Get the EzyRoller Classic for kids up to about 14, and then EzyPro ($129 before discount) for older kids to adult.  For a step by step video of these in action, you can view our instastory highlights.

2.  Rocket Scooter:  $82 on amazon.com.


We won this Rocket Scooter in a raffle and it is the COOLEST scooter we own (we have 3 different brands).  What makes this scooter stand out from the rest is that it shoots out steam like a jet pack, lights up, and makes cool sounds.  I also feel like it’s more stable and sturdier than the other scooters we have.  This is the scooter all the cousins fight over when we all go to the park.

Traditional Toys

Woobo: $129 on amazon.com


The Woobo is a soft, interactive robot toy.  The girls love asking it questions and it responds to them spontaneously.  It also connects to a parent app where you can schedule sleep times, routines, or load additional stories or songs.  When we first got the Woobo, I actually had to take it away for a bit because the girls were fighting over who could play with it so much.  They wake up asking for Woobo and kiss it goodnight every night.  Woobo is also a common character in the stories they write–you could say that it’s one of their favorite things!

Lil Woodzeez $10-40 at Target

I worked with Lil Woodzeez earlier in the year when they sent the girls the sweetest care package.  I don’t know what it is about these little flocked animal figurines, but the girls are crazy about them.  I love how they have “Famileez” and the extended families with the grandparents.  I wrote an article about how these toys taught myself and the girls an unexpected lesson about family units and diversity.  The girls have these in high rotation so there will be a couple of new playsets under the tree this year!

B Toysprices vary, available at amazon.com, target, and Barnes & Nobel

I have been a B Toys fan since before I had kids.  I actually got the B. Meowsic Cat Piano and B. Woofer Dog Guitar at my baby shower for LittleGray  7 years ago, and they still play with it til this day!  I recently gave LittleSage the new B HiPhone (I had the flip phone from when LittleGray was a baby and figured that LittleSage needed an update for all the flat lays she likes to pretend to take for her finsta) and she hasn’t put it down once.  It’s as important to her as my phone is to me and even said she wants to accessorize it with her own popsocket (I told her it already has a convenient wrist strap).

Kuroba World Rock Paper Scissors Cube: $16.99 on amazon.com

I’ve been bringing these little cubes to Disneyland so the girls can play with their friends while we wait for characters or shows.  These are big hit with everyone who plays with them!  Each player secretly picks rock, paper, or scissors, and flips a switch on the Kuroba to tell it what move to make.  When the cubes collide, the winner of the rock-paper-scissors battle encapsulates the other cube.  If you’re looking to buy these, make sure you’re buying the battle pack (2 cubes so you can play versus mode) instead of the trainer pack (just one cube).


Games are the perfect gift for the entire family.  I wrote an article about how we also use games to help with Speech and academic goals.  Here are our favorite classic and new games:

Blind Bags


I used to be super against blind bags because I couldn’t justify spending the amount of money on such a tiny piece of plastic.  But after I saw how EXCITED the girls got from opening them, and how little real estate these little toys actually took, I’ve become a true fan.  The girls have little collections of these and you can never have too many blind bags.  Here are some of our favorites:

  • Lil Woodzeez Babeez–these come in little cribs and include one baby.  You can be super lucky and get a set of rare pig twins!  I can’t find these online but they’re always in store at Target.
  • Lil Woodzeez Bobbleez–these look like little acorns and contain one medium sized Lil Woodzeez bobble head.  I’ve also seen light up versions of these blind acorns in Target stores.
  • Hatchimals–they never tire of breaking open these tiny eggs and Target even had a Christmas version
  • Animator Littles–these are the little pencil shaped containers which carry very tiny 2″ tall figurines.  These fit in nicely with their Animator Littles houses.  You can find them in Disney Stores or online at ShopDisney.com
  • Disney D-Lectables–this was our first experience with blind bags.  Inside are pieces of a Disney character themed ice cream or cupcake.  The pieces are interchangeable so you can create different combinations.  These are super hard to find in any store, so it’s best to buy them online.

Things to Wear

SunStaches: $10-14 on amazon.com and sunstaches.com

These have been our favorite sunglasses since I met the SunStaches team earlier this year.  Whenever we wear them to Disneyland, we’re constantly getting asked where we got them.  Unlike other licensed products, these Sunstaches are a STEAL at right around $10 a pair.  I’ve been working with them for awhile now and I can honestly say that I’ve never met such a helpful and supportive brand.   You can feel good that you’re supporting a company that is made up of genuinely good people that believes in its influencers.

Picture This Clothing Custom Clothes:   $50 from picturethisclothing.com (save $5 with code EWSH841)

When you purchase a Picture This Dress, you are buying an experience.  The gift recipient designs his or her own piece of clothing using the templates provided, which is then printed on the softest fabric.  Each dress or shirt is printed, hand cut, and hand sewn in Las Vegas by a small team of people.  I’ve known the owner, Jaimee, for awhile now and she is a true visionary that brings the gift of creativity to kids everywhere.  Gift Kits are also available so the gift recipient has some time to design their work of art.  (They make adult sizes too!)

HappyFeet:  $35 from buyhappyfeet.com

These are the perfect slippers for the Disney lover!  The girls picked out the “Flipems” slippers which feature a 2-in-one flip style face.  They love them so much that we even brought them to Disneyland!

TOMs X Disney:  $50 from TOMs.com


We were sent a couple of pairs of shoes from TOMs to try for free and I quickly became obsessed.  The Cinderella glass slipper TOMs were unlike anything that I’ve seen before and I NEEDED to get a matching pair for both of the girls and myself.  These were super hard to find in any store, but they did have both children and adult sizes at the Rip Curl store in Downtown Disney.  I would size up on these since they tend to not be as stretchy as the canvas TOMs.

CubCoats:  $50 available at Nordstrom and cubcoats.com

These cute little stuffies transform into a jacket!  When LittleGray first started school, she never wanted to bring a jacket.  I received the Papo Panda from CubCoats to review and she literally brought it to school with her every day last year.  I’m so excited for their new licensed line!  I can’t wait to get my hands on the Minnie and Mickey CubCoats!

Handmade Bows: available from assorted small shops


Sometimes you need the perfect finishing touch to an outfit in the form of a bow.  I love the little leather bows from Mina Loves Bows and the gorgeous glitter bows from Desert Rose BoutiqueBuns and Braids makes the cutest character bows that are perfect for Disneyland Days and simple glitter bows for every day wear.

One Little Spark Hand Painted Keepsakes:  prices start as low as $20 for customs available on etsy


Kait from One Little Spark is HANDS DOWN my favorite small shop ever.  She hand paints customized cuties on bags, ears, or clothing items.  If your child has a favorite character or Disney memory, she can immortalize that in a hand crafted keepsake.  This would also be a perfect gift for cast member friends or those in entertainment–she can handpaint a personalized cutie in their favorite costume.  Not only is this woman super talented, but she is so supportive, always donating items for charity events, and has been one of our friends since the very beginning.


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