Knott’s Merry Farm Guide to Holiday Food and 2018 Merchandise

The Merriest Time of the Year has already started at Knott’s Berry Farm!  I was invited to a special media preview to check out the Holiday food and merchandise offerings for 2018.  Let me tell you, if you are a fan of the traditional Holiday turkey dinner, you’re going to want to eat everything.  Here are some of the foods we got to sample:


  • Turkey Dinner Bite:  MUST TRY.  Imagine Thanksgiving dinner all rolled up into one convenient softball sized bomb covered in a fried breadcrumb coating.  This had turkey, stuffing, and even a cranberry sauce center.  This is best with a heaping dose of gravy poured on top.  This can be found in Santa’s Christmas Cabin.


  • Holiday Egg Roll:  Also good if you love turkey dinner.  This is similar to the Turkey Dinner Bite, except it’s rolled up in a crispy egg roll wrapper.  It is served with a somewhat sweet boysenberry sauce which compliments it perfectly.  This is also in Santa’s Christmas Cabin.
  • Tricolor Holiday Elote:  Welcome to the most grammable food for the Holidays.  This elote is beautiful!  The red is hot cheetos, the middle is the boysenberry mayo and cheese, and the green is zombie takis.  I didn’t get a chance to try it, but I’m excited to find it at Santa’s Village.


Holiday PizzaMeal plan eligible!  This pizza had turkey, yams, stuffing, and holiday seasonings on a traditional pizza crust.  I’m a fan of unique pizzas without marinara sauce and this one did not disappoint.  Definitely try this one especially if you have the meal plan.  You can find it at Wagon Wheel Pizza.


  • Poutine:  Excuse me while I eat nothing but poutine for the remainder of 2018.  If you haven’t had poutine, it is french fries smothered in cheese and gravy.  The Holiday poutine also features turkey for some extra protein.  The best part is that this is also meal plan eligible!


  • Turkey Dog:  This was the most “basic” of the holiday food offerings which is great for your picky eaters.  What makes this different from a regular corn dog is that it’s a turkey link surrounded by boysenberry infused batter.  This can be found at the corn dog stand near the Log Ride.
  • Tamales:  Tamales are synonymous with the Holidays!  In addition to the meat varieties, there is also a sweet corn elote tamale topped with green sauce.  This was the only vegetarian option I sampled.  I really enjoy sweet corn elote, so I would order this with the green sauce on the side.  Unfortunately it is not meal plan eligible.  It can be found in the Cantina in the Fiesta area.
  • Holiday Turkey Sandwich:  This was my favorite Holiday food from last year, because I didn’t have the meal plan.  It has all of your favorite holiday foods piled on a sandwich hoagie bun.  It can be found at Boardwalk BBQ, but is not part of the meal plan.


Desserts and Drinks

  • Holiday Churro:  It’s shaped like a candy cane and is filled with a peppermint bavarian cream.  It can be found in Ghostown near the Saloon.


  • Sugar Cookies:  These classics are the girls’ favorites!  They usually pick the Snoopy Head, but the snowman and angel designs are so cute.  You can find these in the bakery inside Knotts by Ghostrider or outside of the park in the bakery.
  • Dough-Knotts:  Right before you enter security, there is a new coffee and donut stop.  You can find these beautifully decorated donuts there.


  • Crepes:  These crepes come in strawberry and boysenberry.  Definitely go with the boysenberry because you know what they say, “when in Rome…”
  • Pumpkin Milkshake:  This was really good!  Even if you’re a pumpkin spice latte hater (like me), you will enjoy this milkshake.


  • Hot Cocoa in a reusable Mug:  You can buy a reusable hot cup for $10.99 and enjoy $1 hot cocoa refills all season long!  The nights get really cold so hot cocoa is the perfect beverage.

Holiday Merchandise


  • Lanterns:  these are the new hot item for this year!  These cute lanterns are battery operated and will sync up with the “Snow and Glow” show in Ghostown.  You can find them being sold on the little carts in Ghosttown for under $20.
  • Official Merry Farm Shirt and Pin:  This year’s shirt is blue and has Santa Charlie brown and Snoopy on it.  The commemorative pin features Knott’s favorite donkey, Brutus, and Santa.  You can get the pin and the shirt for the low price of $12.99.
  • Gift Bundles:  Knott’s has made gift giving easy with these prepackaged gift bundles.  For $12.99, you can get a red mug filled with treats and the commemorative pin.   They also have a basket for $19.99 with a Snoopy or Brutus stuffie, pin, and extra goodies.
  • Vintage 1960s art cards:  Knott’s took original artwork from the 1960s employee Christmas magazine and has turned them into greeting cards.  This would be a great keepsake for the die hard Knott’s Fan.

I will be back to visit with the girls soon to check out the rest of the Merry Farm offerings!  Huge thank you to Knotts Berry Farm for hosting me this evening.  You can see more of the Merry Farm offerings in our instastories highlights.

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