Kids Guide to Legoland Brick or Treat Halloween Party

We’ve been coming to Legoland since LittleSage was barely walking, and I’m lowkey proud to say that the costumes that I first made them still fit!  It’s been a personal goal of mine to work with Legoland so our most recent visit to the Brick or Treat Halloween Party was extra special!  Huge thank you to Legoland for providing my family with tickets for the day and for the Brick or Treat Party at night!

Tickets: The Brick or Treat Halloween Party is a separate ticketed event that happens after park close at 5:00-9:00 on the last Saturday in September, and all Saturdays in October.  Some Annual Passes cover the cost of the Brick or Treat party (the Merlin Annual Pass Premium) but you can also add on the cost of the party for around $20 if your pass doesn’t cover it.  If you’re in the market for buying new Annual Passes, double check to see if the pass you want covers the Brick or Treat Party–right now they’re having a promotion where you buy 3 get one free.  If you don’t have a pass, you can just buy a ticket to the Brick or Treat party which also includes admission to the park during the day.

New Legoland Attractions:  It’s been awhile since we’ve been back to Legoland, so I was excited to see what was new!  LEGO City Deep Sea Adventure is Legoland’s newest submarine ride which features a journey through the water with real fish and sharks!  Firstly, there is a huge LEGO building area built in to the line, so the kids are free to play during the wait.  During the ride, there is also an interactive element where you can look for sunken LEGO treasure and log it on a touchscreen.  I was floored by this ride and wanted to do it over and over!  This is a slow moving ride suitable for all ages.  At the exit of the ride, you can build and design a fish on a touchpad and and see your creation come to life in a communal big screen aquarium.

Over in the Sea Life Aquarium, the theater area is now the Sea at Life attraction.  This gorgeous attraction represents the ocean waves at night, and the waves react to the motion stomps of the kids.  There’s also a beautiful night star sky expanding over the waves.  The Sea Life Aquarium is separate from the main Legoland park so make sure your tickets include it.

Miniland:  You can’t visit Legoland without walking through the miniature city sized LEGO models!  Miniland has also expanded with the addition of Miniland inside of Miniland!  There was a huge LEGO Friends Ferris wheel and a huge Legowood backdrop.  Since it was still Halloween, the spiders had taken over “Boo Orleans” with huge webs and giant LEGO spiders.  It was so cute to see the little web decorations and ghosts and witches on all of the buildings.

Heartlake City:  Our trip isn’t complete without a visit to Heartlake City!  This is the homeplace of the LEGO Friends Stephanie, Mia, Andrea, Olivia, and Emma.  We’ve gotten to know some of the BFFs over the years so it really does feel like we’ve been reunited with our best friends.  The girls’ favorite part is their live BFF show.  The songs are catchy and the girls love dancing along.  Stick around because they do a quick meet and greet session directly after the show.  During the Brick or Treat party, the LEGO Friends returned to Heartlake City to lead craft time coloring crowns.  You could also follow the instructions to build a pumpkin in the stable building area and enjoy the music from The BOOgrass Band (I was dancing my little heart out to their rendition of “Everything is Awesome”).

Brick Or Treat Exclusive Shows:  There are three live shows that only occur during the Brick Or Treat Party.  The evening kicks off at 5:00 in the Courtyard Theater (right by the Royal Joust ride) with the Boo Crew Welcome.  All of the entertainers parade out and make their way into the park.  Directly following is the first showing of Mail Order Monsters.  This show is a funny show where Princess Penelope has troubles with her monsters being not scary enough for her party.  Every half hour, the show alternates to The Witchettes which featured Legoland’s youngest performers.  I was floored by the talent of this singing girl group!  Over on the Fun Town Stage is the Midnight Monster Jam.  This was our favorite show featuring the Legoland dancers, Lego Mummy and Lego Lord Vampyre.

Trick or Treat Stations:  There are several Trick or Treat Stations located throughout the park.  Four of the stations even opened up at 3:00 so you can start the fun a little early.  The lines were short and fast moving.  You could also pick up the commemorative Bride of Frankenstein Brick at the Sky Tower trick or treat station.  They also had challenges you could complete to collect pop badges (similar to collectable buttons) but we didn’t have time to find them.  We did take home the COOLEST trick or treat pumpkin buckets–they have a built in light to shine the way!  These were on clearance for $10, but I heard they originally selling for $15.


-Brick or Treat Halloween Parties are a separate ticketed event that occurs the last Saturday of September and every Saturday in October.

-The Merlin Annual Pass PREMIUM includes the Brick or Treat nights so if you are in the market for a new pass, get this one.

-New must see attractions: Lego City Deep Sea Adventure (in Legoland where the minigolf area used to be, near the Granny’s Apple stand) and Sea at Night (in Sea Life Aquarium).  Brick or Treat party nights includes admission to both the main park and the aquarium.

-Start your Brick or Treat evening at 5:00 in the Courtyard Theater near the Royal Joust Ride to catch the BOO Welcome crew.  Mail Order Monsters is on the same stage at 5, 6, 7, and 8 and The Witchettes are at 5:30, 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30.  The other live show, Midnight Monster Jam, is on the Fun Town Stage at 5:45, 6:45 and 8.

-Don’t forget to color and hang out with the BFF LEGO Friends in Heartlake City.  The BOOgrass band also plays here.

Huge thank you to Legoland for hosting us for the evening!  To see more from our night, you can view our instastory highlights here

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