Kids Guide to Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch

What’s the main reason people go to pumpkin patches:  NEW.  INSTAGRAM.  PICS.  Don’t @ me, you know I’m right.

Mr. Bone’s Pumpkin Patch in Culver City is affectionately known as the “most grammable pumpkin patch in the Los Angeles Area”.  Their instagram is full of beautiful sepia, tomato red, and seafoam mint green photos.  They have pictures that make you think “but where is that pumpkin wall and how quickly can I take a photo by it.”  I hadn’t been to Mr. Bones in the past, but I knew it as the pumpkin patch where the celebrities bring their kids.  I reached out to Mr. Bones and they were so gracious to host us by giving the girls Ultimate Kids Wristbands (more on that later) so I could fully quench my curiosity and take as many #pumpkinwall pics as I could (#forthegram).

Logistics:  Mr. Bones is located in Culver City which is basically Los Angeles.  Parking is $10 (valet is $15, naturally), but I was able to find street parking.  For those of you unfamiliar with city living, I had to put a quarter into something called a “parking meter”, but rest assured that these meters have evolved and also take credit cards (and at 25 cents per hour, it was the best bargain of the day.  Mom tip:  I brought my stroller purely to carry pumpkins back to the car.  Walking to the entryway was paved and easy, but as soon as you entered, the entire ground was wood chip and an absolutely disaster to drag my stroller.  They do have some wagons available to use while you’re inside the pumpkin patch, but you can’t take them to your car.  I parked my stroller when I got there and the girls had no problem walking around.

Admission:  Admission is FREE Monday-Thursday 9am – 8pm and on Friday 9am-5pm.  You must purchase admission tickets for Friday 5pm-9pm, Saturday, 9am-9pm and Sunday 9am-8pm.  Adult tickets are $10, children 3-12 are $5, and kids 2 and under are free.  If you go on a Friday, you also get 5 Mr. Bones Pumpkin Bucks back which are good for a pumpkin purchase.  There are a variety of activities (bouncers, slides, mazes) that require activity tickets.  You can purchase a pack of tickets that are good for the entire season (if you are planning on visiting again), or you can purchase an Ultimate Kids Wristband for $30.  The wristband does not include admission, pony rides, face painting or pumpkin decorating, but it does include all the bouncers and slides, hay maze, and petting zoo.

What to do:  For inflatables, there are 2 slides and 2 bouncers.  One slide (the fly n jump) was too scary for both of the girls, and LittleSage was too short to even attempt it.  Both of them enjoyed the skeleton slide the most and went on it five times in a row.  They spent most of their time in the spider bounce houses–LittleGray said that one was bouncier than the other.  I don’t know why I didn’t see the petting zoo, but our friends Cathy and Emily had a great time feeding and petting the goats (I was literally there for 4 hours and I’m shook that I didn’t even see the petting zoo).

Photos and Pumpkins:  Mr. Bone’s claim to fame is their beautiful pumpkin houses.  They have 2 adult sized pumpkin houses, 2 smaller kid huts, and a pumpkin house on a bridge.  What I appreciated about these houses was that there was always at least one side in the shade at any given time, so you are bound to get your perfect grammable photo.  I’ve been to many pumpkin patches in years past and Mr. Bones has hands down the best pumpkin selection.  They had the most unique colorful, bumpy, square, BB-8 shaped, striped, anything-you-could-imagine pumpkins, in addition to your basic orange run of the mill pumpkin.  There were also beautiful gourds and corn near the gift shop.  We picked out a family pumpkin and each of the girls chose a gourd to take home.  Our friends brought home 3 tiny basic orange pumpkins (I won’t judge), and our combined total was $15 using our $15 in Mr. Bones Pumpkin bucks.

Food and Amenities:  There’s no pretty way to put this.  It’s porta potties.  But I will say that they were the nicest smelling outhouses I’ve experienced and they had cool pumped water and soap to wash your hands.  Mr. Bones has its own snack bar selling hot dogs and drinks (also available in the gift shop).  On the weekends, they have food trucks selling organic lunch items, soft serve ice cream, and Rad Coffee.  The girls wanted to try their signature Cookies and Scream milkshake (without the coffee please, sir) and I wish I could tell you more about it but they drank it all before I could get more than one sip.  Later in the afternoon, a man was walking around selling hot churros for $2, and I’m not entirely sure if he was employed by Mr. Bones or not, but boy was I sure glad that I had $2 cash on me.  New this year, Slumberkins teamed up with Mr. Bones and they released a Halloween board book featuring the pumpkin patch.  The book and the matching Sloth Vampire plushie will be in the Mr. Bones giftshop and sold online.


  • Mr. Bones is a great pumpkin patch if you want aesthetic Instagram pics.
  • Parking is $10+ but street parking is available.
  • Admission is $5 (kids 3-11) and $10 (adults) on Friday nights and weekends.
  • Admission is free during the week and Friday afternoons until 5.  They open at 9am every day.
  • Activity tickets are $1 each and most activities are 1-5 tickets each.  The Ultimate Kids Wristband ($30) is a great value if your kids are really into inflatables.
  • Largest variety of unusual pumpkins–you will likely be suckered into buying one (or three) to decorate your porch as a daily reminder of your aesthetically grammable day at Mr. Bones.

Mr. Bones is located at 10100 Jefferson Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232.  You can find them on Instagram and Facebook.  We were given free admission and Ultimate Child Wristbands in exchange for an honest review.  To see a play by play of our day at Mr. Bones, you can view it here.  For more Halloween kid-friendly adventures, find us on Instagram.

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