The Hunt for the Perfect Disneyland Stroller — Contender One: Maclaren Volo


When I was newly pregnant with my first child, I remember that “Maclaren” was synonymous with “umbrella stroller”.  It seemed that everyone I knew who had a lightweight slim fold stroller had the Maclaren brand.  I first met Maclaren at The Biggest Family Shower baby event in Los Angeles a few months ago, and their new colorful Capsule Collection quickly caught my eye.  In addition to their solid colored editions, they now have beautifully designed versions of their classic umbrella strollers.  What also caught my eye was the most adorable miniature toy baby stroller that perfectly matched the big version!

A few quick facts about the Maclaren Volo ($175).  It is a very lightweight stroller weighing in at just about 9 pounds, but it can hold up to 55 pounds which is way heavier than my 6 year old.  The seat is very cushioned and isn’t thin like most umbrella strollers.  The hood coverage is AMAZING and even unzips to expand even more.  My favorite part about the Volo is the mesh sides allowing more air ventilation which is crucial for these hot Disney days.  The basket is made out of similar mesh fabric so if you have wet towels or if something explodes, it is very easy to clean and dry out.  The entire seat pad is removable and washable which makes spills no big deal.  This is a one position seat, meaning that the seat itself does not recline.  It is suitable for children 6 months and up who have ample core control, but if you are looking for a seat that will recline all the way back, you might want to look at the Globetrotter ($195).

The stroller I received is from the Volo from the Dylan’s Candy Bar Capsule ($295–you’re paying a little extra for the cute design!).  The photos on the website are of the stroller without the included turquoise pad, so rest assured that this is a very comfy ride.  Additionally, if you are taking this stroller to the water park or beach, the mesh sides will be perfect for air drying.  If you want a reclining stroller with more features, the Dylan’s Candy Bar design also comes in the Quest ($425).  The Junior Buggy ($45) is also in the Dylan’s Candy Bar print and is absolutely adorable–when is the last time you’ve seen a play stroller that isn’t pink?!  Maclaren also offers plain colored Junior Quest Buggies for $35.  I also previewed the Junior XT Play stroller which was a little bigger than the Junior Quest–this would be perfect for your taller child.

I love that all of these play strollers fold up just like the adult sized umbrella strollers.  This means that they’re ultra portable if your child insists on bringing it everywhere–like mine do.  A real life mom hack:  bring these babies grocery shopping with you and fill them up with what you need to buy!  When you’re done shopping, you can roll everything to your car, fold up your buggy, and pop it in the car without having to worry about returning a cart!

If you have a child who is a “sometimes sitter”, can easily get in and out by herself, and want to fold your stroller to get in and out of trams/trolleys/buses, the Maclaren Volo would be a great choice.  This stroller is super simple to fold and throw over your shoulder making the trip from the parking structure a breeze.  There are several attractions at Disneyland that require you to fold your stroller if you’d like to take it with you–the railroad, Main Street vehicles and Red Car Trolley come to mind–and the Volo  would be a great fit for this.  The cushion is thick enough for all day sitting and you can’t beat that oversized hood for sun coverage.  For those who frequent Walt Disney World and are familiar with their sporadic torrential downpours, the included rainhood is perfect.  I can’t say enough about the mesh sides which is vital in this California heat.

To learn more about Maclaren and the full line of strollers, you can view them here.


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