Easy No-Sew Vampirina DIY


Woooah-oh-OH!  Vampirina!  Just in time for the Halloween Season, Vampirina is now meeting guests at Disney California Adventure!  I put together this easy No-Sew DIY using clothes basics from www.primary.com.  I also created another bat costume look that requires some basic sewing skills and No-Sew bat headband accessory.


Vampirina DIY Costume

Skill level:  No-Sew


“the Dress” in black from http://www.primary.com

“the Jersey Slim Tee” in azalea from http://www.primary.com

“the Legging” and “the Long Sleeve Classic Tee” in Slate Blue from http://www.primary.com (this is optional but great if you live in a colder climate around Halloween)

-small piece of black felt (you can buy a felt square and use the extra to make a bat headband)

-tube of fabric paint (I chose purple glitter, but glow-in-the-dark would be fun too!)

-tube of black matte fabric paint and paintbrush

-hot glue gun

-scissors, ruler, and a metallic sharpie that will show up on dark colors


1.  We are going to paint the spider web design onto the dress using the fabric paint.  I like to start by making “guide dots” using the metallic sharpie.  If you’re nervous about painting straight lines, place your guide dots closer together, then it’s just like doing a dot to dot!  I first measured out where I wanted my 3 vertical lines on the top of the dress, and drew guide dots along where I wanted my lines to go.

2.  To make the “frowny face” arch of the web, I made an additional guide dot in between the lines where I wanted the top of the arch to go.  This way, it was easy to plan out where to make the arch line.

3.  Paint the vertical lines first, then connect the lines with the “frowny face” arch.

4.  Extend the lines down to the skirt portion of the dress using the ruler and the guide dot method.  Since the skirt flows out a bit, your guide lines will be angled out at a diagonal to ensure that they are evenly spaced.  Use the same guide dot method to measure out your arches.

5.  Since the skirt has gathers and pleats, you will need to spread apart the fabric to ensure that the paint gets on the entire surface of the dress.  Don’t forget to put a piece of paper in between the fabric layers so the paint won’t bleed through!

6.  Vampirina’s pink shirt has a black collar, so you can paint the collar of the shirt black.  I used regular computer paper to put in between the shirt and under the shirt so I wasn’t painting on my work surface.  I also painted the inside of the collar to give it a more finished look.

7. To create the skull detail, I drew a skull shape on to the felt.  After you cut it out, you can flip the skull over so your pen lines don’t show.

8.  Hot glue gun only the top of the collar to the shirt so it can hang over the dress.



 Bat Dress DIY Costume

Skill Level:  Basic Sewing required


“the Dress” in black from http://www.primary.com

-about 12″ of black fleece

-about 12″ of purple fabric (I used shiny satin)

-about 12″ elastic


1.  Measure your child’s arm span to see how long to make the bat wings.  Using the “computer paper method”, draw out a bat wing in the length of your child’s arm.  You will need to tape two pieces of paper together.  This will be your template

2.  Using your bat wing template, cut out the bat wing on the fold of your black fleece.  You don’t need to cut it out of the purple fabric.

3.  Sew the black bat wing fleece piece onto the whole piece of purple fabric.  PRO TIP:  I don’t cut out the purple fabric before sewing because there is a lot of shifting when you sew a thin piece of fabric to a big piece.  Don’t worry, it will all look okay in the end even if it shifts!

4.  Cut the purple fabric so it matches the black wing shape.  Cut a slit in the center of the wing and flip inside out.

5.  After you flip it inside out, topstitch all the way around the edge.  “Topstitch” is just a fancy way of saying “sew right on top”.  You can also sew lines where you think bat veins and bones would be.

6.  Sew the bat wings to the center of the dress, and tack down the top points of the wings.  “Tacking” is a fancy way to say “sew a little stitch”.

7.  Measure the wings on your child and see where you might need to put an elastic for their arms.  For my child, I put loops of elastic where her elbows hit, but you can also put finger loops in too.



Vampirina Accessories

Skill: gluing and optional sewing for the gloves and faux sock


-black felt


-glue gun

-pink ribbon

-turquoise and pink jersey fabric for the gloves and socks (sewing required)


1.  Using the “computer paper method”, place the headband on a sheet of paper and sketch out a bat wing shape.  This will be your template

2.  Using your template, cut out the bat wing shape on the fold of the black felt.  This means you will fold the back felt like a sandwich and cut both layers together.  Do not cut them apart.

3.  Hot glue the bat wings together around the headband, and glue the wings into place.

4.  Wrap the pink ribbon around the base of the bat wing a couple of times and glue in place.

5.  To make the arm bands, wrap the fabric around your child’s arm to see how wide around to make it.  Simply stitch up the side, no hemming required!

6.  I couldn’t find pink socks, so I made faux socks to stick into her boots.  Fold the fabric in half hotdog style and wrap around your child’s ankle to see how wide to make it.  Stitch up the seam, and shove them in her boots like an anklet.


Vampirina is currently meeting guests daily at Disney California Adventure.  As of now, she is located near the Little Mermaid Ride, but check with a Cast Member for her times and location.  To see the full DIY tutorial in our instagram story highlights, you can find them here.  You can also see the full DIY tutorial on our YouTube Channel.


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