Knotts Peanuts Celebration—a Review

We absolutely love when theme parks have special festivals! This is our first year as pass holders for Knotts Berry Farm. Something that I’ve noticed about Knott’s is that their shows and characters are extra special during their special events. The girls love all the new live shows and it’s always fun to see what new costumes the characters are wearing!

Right when you enter, there are four fun photo pop ups. This one was our favorite because it featured the girls’ favorite characters, Charlie Brown and Lucy (if you missed our DIY Costume tutorials using dresses from, you can find them on our YouTube Channel). Snoopy also meets guests by the main gates, and the rest of the Peanuts Gang can be spotted all around the park.

Pig Pen is the newest character at Knotts Berry Farm and he is only here for a limited time! You can find him in the Stables near the Calico Saloon in Ghosttown. Be sure to visit the baby piggies and see how quickly they’re growing!

Nearby the Stables, Franklin and Linus play various games throughout the day in Calico Square. The girls have done cactus bowling, pony races and an egg race! The games and times are listed on a sign near the stage.

“Music goes Around and Around” is the big “must see” show that happens on the Calico main stage near the railroad tracks in the afternoon. In this show, Karin teaches Sally the history of music with the help of Schroeder. The kids are even invited to learn the hoe down!

If you want a take a relaxing break in a cool room, be sure to check out the animating lessons from Noel in the Birdcage theater. Characters switch throughout the day and classic Peanuts cartoons are shown between shows.

In the Fiesta area, Lucy and Sally demonstrate two traditional Latin dances with the help of two storytellers. The girls loved practicing their ballet folklorico dance moves. These might be my new favorite costumes!

My absolute favorite part of the Peanuts Celebration is the pop up character interactions that happen throughout the day. Charlie Brown, Linus, Sally and Lucy ride in on a trolley to do the Twist dance party! The kids are invited to participate in a parade and make wishes in the fountain. The characters do such a good job with making each person feel special!

Another pop up location is near the School House in Ghost town. Charlie Brown and Linus challenge guests to a game of Rock Paper Scissors while Lucy and Sally play hopscotch.

There is so much to do at the Knotts Peanuts Celebration! If you’d like to see a highlight of some of our favorite moments, I posted a video of our day here. Knott’s Peanuts Celebration runs weekends through February 25.

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