Everything You Need to Know about Knott’s Berry Farm Season Passes



Knott’s Berry Farm 2022 Season Passes have already been released!  This means you can get in for the remainder of 2021 (through December 17) AND the entire 2022 year for just one low price!  2022 Season Passes have just be released for sale on the Knott’s Berry Farm Website.  Did you know that passes are only valid per calendar year, and they get MORE EXPENSIVE as the year goes on?  But did you also know that if you buy a 2022 pass, you can still get in to Knott’s Berry Farm in 2021 for CHEAPER than if you were to buy a pass for this year?  Since I am an official Knott’s Berry Farm Berry Blogger, my family received complementary passes for the 2020/2021 season.  Here’s everything you need to know:  

Knott’s Berry Farm 2022 Season Pass Information for NEW Passholders

This information is if you currently DO NOT have a 2021 Knott’s Berry Farm Pass

  • Passes are valid from the day you buy them in 2021 – December 31, 2022.  If you buy a pass in April, it still will expire December 31 of 2022.
  • The only “block out days” is December 18-31, 2021 (high Holiday season).  If you’d like to visit on these days, admission is just $14.99 (this is new this year).
    • This means you can come back for Knott’s Spooky Farm (family friendly Halloween celebration weekends during the day) and Knott’s Merry Farm as many times as you want for just $14.99 a visit.

Renewal Information for Existing Knott’s Berry Farm Passholders who have bought season passes before the reopening on May 5, 2021

If you currently have a 2020/2021 pass and are interesting in renewing for 2022, this information is for you.

  • DO NOTHING.  We will get more information about renewals before our passes expire May 5, 2022.

Renewal Information for Existing Knott’s Berry Farm Passholders who have bought season passes AFTER the reopening on May 5, 2021

If you bought your pass AFTER the reopening on May 5, 2021, then this information is for you.

  • Your current 2021 pass will expire December 31, 2021.
  • You can renew your pass online at knotts.com.
  • You get a free Bring-A-Friend ticket valid any fall daytime through December 17, 2021.
    • This means your friends can enjoy Knott’s Spooky Farm or Knott’s Merry Farm.  Tickets are redeemable at the ticket booths.
  • Payment plans are available for as low as $8.50 a month ($16.50 down for a purple pass)

What are the Different Types of Passes?

There are three levels of passes:  Regular (purple), Gold (gold, obviously), and Platinum (gray).

Regular Purple Pass:  $110

Knotts purple Pass

  • Unlimited visits to Knott’s Berry Farm with no black out dates
  • Admission to Peanuts Celebration, Boysenberry Festival, Knott’s Spooky Farm, Knott’s Merry Farm, and the 100th Anniversary celebration
  • Early Entry opportunities
  • 10% Discounts on select food and merchandise
  • Parking is not included but can be added for $75

Gold Pass (includes Soak City):  $130

Knotts Gold Pass

  • All the benefits of the Regular Purple pass, but includes unlimited admission to the 2022 Soak City Season
  • 10% Discounts on select food and merchandise in both Knott’s Berry Farm and Soak City
  • Early Entry to both Knott’s Berry Farm and Soak City on select days (this is very valuable especial for Soak City days–this will allow you the best opportunity to secure a lounge chair spot in the shade)
  • Parking is not included but can be added for $75

Platinum Pass (includes all Cedar Fair Parks and parking):  $198

Knotts Platinum Pass

  • Unlimited visits to Knott’s Berry Farm and Soak City 2022 Season
  • Includes unlimited admission to all Cedar Fair Parks across the country (there is Great America in Northern California)
  • 20% Discounts on select food and merchandise
  • Parking is INCLUDED! ($75 value)

Additional Pass Add-ons

  • Parking:  $75 add on to Regular Purple and Gold passes
  • 2022 All Season Dining:  $135 for all pass levels (Platinum used to be more expensive).  Dining plan is valid as soon as you buy your pass in 2021.
    • Enjoy 2 meals (spaced 4 hours apart) every single day, all season long
  • 2022 All Season Drink Refills:  $35
    • Unlimited Drink Refills all season long! (15 minute cool down time between refills)
    • Choose between the reusable Souvenir Bottle or the paper cup plan
  • 2022 All Season Unlimited Funpix Digital Photos:  $49.99
    • Add FunPix to your pass to get unlimited digital photos from select rides, Peanuts Meet and Greets, or anytime a Knott’s Photographer snaps your photo
  • 2022 Season Pass Locker Rentals:  $160
    • Don’t like to hold stuff and don’t like paying $15 each time?  Get a year long pass for $160 (also valid at Soak City)
  • 2022 Season Pass Fast Lane:  $575 per person
    • Enjoy priority boarding on select rides
    • Only a limited number are available
  • 2022 Scary Farm Pass:  $99
    • These sell out every year!  Scary Farm (or Haunt) is a separate admittance ticket.  This is the scary monster scare event, not to be confused with Knott’s Spooky Farm (which is the family friendly Halloween event that is included with park admission)

Knott’s Berry Farm Grand Reopening Reminders

  • Reservations are currently NOT needed for Knott’s Berry Farm and Soak City
  • While masks aren’t required, it is HIGHLY recommended that all guests wear face coverings.  My family chooses to wear masks even though the adults are fully vaccinated.
  • Soak City is open select days through September 6, 2021.  Soak City is closed Monday August 30 through Thursday September 2.
  • The last day for Knott’s Summer Nights 2021 is Sunday, September 6.

So What Pass Should I Get?

I definitely recommend getting at least the Gold Pass because by the time summer comes next year, you’re going to want to go to Soak City at least once (and by then, the Gold Pass will be $150 so might as well just buy it now for $21 more).  It is actually MORE expensive to get the Gold Pass plus Parking ($130+$75 = $205) than the Platinum Pass ($198).  I HIGHLY recommend getting the Meal Plan at least for some of your family passes.  It pays for itself in less than 4 visits and it’s so nice not having to worry about buying food in the park.

In a nutshell, I would have one person in your family get the Platinum Pass, which includes parking.  You can opt to add the meal plan on to your Gold Passes at a smaller rate.  Here’s what I would do to buy season tickets for my two daughters and myself.  I would get the Platinum pass for me (in case I have a random no-kid Knott’s Day, the parking would be on my pass), I would get the Gold Pass for my daughters and add the Meal Plan on to their Gold passes.  We are usually good with 2 souvenir drink refill bottles since the kids don’t drink as much as I do.

As always, season pass prices don’t go anywhere but UP, so run and secure this introductory pricing while you can!  Take advantage of the 2021 entry offers and save yourself some money!  2022 is going to be the best year, especially with the 100th Anniversary Celebration.  Keep your eyes out for all new entertainment and offerings!  Follow along using the hashtags #Knotts100 and #KnottsFamilyReunion.

For more of our Knott’s Berry Farm adventures, follow us on instagram @littlegraythread.

NEW Spooky Foods on the Meal Plan at Knott’s Berry Farm

Spooky season is upon us at Knott’s Berry Farm! There are two distinct events for Halloween: Knott’s Spooky Farm is the family friendly daytime experience (included with park admission), not to be confused with Knott’s Scary Farm (aka Haunt) which is the nighttime scare event suited for ages 13 and up (additional ticket required). The good news is that the seasonal Halloween food items will be available 7 days a week during all park opening hours! It’s also important to note that meal plans are not valid during Haunt (but the drink plan is!). Specialty foods will hit Knott’s Berry Farm starting September 16 – October 31. Here is the complete list of seasonal food offerings with foods that are Meal Plan Eligible and Kid Friendly

Wagon Wheel Pizza: (located by Ghostrider)

  • From the Depths Spaghetti and Spicy Meatball | Meal Plan Eligible
  • The Hallow’s Chorizo Pizza | Meal Plan Eligible

Calico Tater Bites: (located by Wagon Camp Stunt Show)

  • The Hound Dog Tater Bites: foot long hot dog over Tater Bites with Green Cheese Sauce
  • Tater Tot Flight

Sutter’s Pizza: (located next to Calico Tater Bites)

  • Vampire Garlic Pizza | Meal Plan Eligible

Sutter’s Grill:

  • Petrified Pizza Burger: Cheeseburger with Pepperoni Pizzas as buns | Meal Plan Eligible, Kid Friendly

Strictly on a Stick: (located by the Log Ride entrance)

  • Freaky Frog Legs with Cajun butter (don’t knock it until you try it!) | Meal Plan Eligible
  • I’m Going to “Dill” You Pickle Spears with Spicy Aioli | Meal Plan Eligible, Vegetarian

Boardwalk BBQ: (this is the biggest and fasted quick service restaurant. Before you cross the train tracks, make a right past the Log Ride and you will see it on your left)

  • Cauldrons BBQ Brisket Mac-n-Cheese cone | Meal Plan Eligible, Kid Friendly
  • Goulie Goulash Mac n Cheese with Hamburger Meat | Meal Plan Eligible, Kid Friendly
  • Candy Corn Trifle
  • Halloween Sushi Crab Roll

Cantina: (located in Fiesta Village)

  • Decomposing Taco: deconstructed taco served in a bag of Doritos | Meal Plan Eligible, Kid Friendly

Papas Loca: (also located in Fiesta Village)

  • Mesmer’s Bacon and Cheese Fries | Meal Plan Eligible, Kid Friendly

Fiesta Dogs: (located by the Dancing Hat ride)

  • Mummy Dog with Chips : hot dog in a flaky puff pastry | Meal Plan Eligible, Kid Friendly

Hollywood Hits: (located by the Bumper Cars)

  • Vampire Garlic Pizza | Meal Plan Eligible
  • Sweet Sinister S’mores Dessert Pizza

Coaster’s Diner: (located by Xcellerator)

  • Carnage Chupacabra burger: Red or black bun with a Cheeseburger and a Hot Dot | Meal Plan Eligible, Kid Friendly
  • Witch’s Finger Matcha Shake

Grizzly Creek Lodge: (located in Camp Snoopy)

  • The Hallow’s Chorizo Pizza | Meal Plan Eligible
  • Petrified Pizza Burger | Meal Plan Eligible, Kid Friendly
  • It’s Alive Rice Krispy Treat

Charleston Circle Coffee: (located by Beary Tales)

  • It’s Alive Rice Krispy Treat
  • Bobbing for Apple Macarons
  • Candy Corn Trifle
  • Chai Pumpkin Latte Whoopie Pie

Gourmet Churro Factory: (located in Ghost Town by the Saloon)

  • Creepy Peanut Butter and Chocolate Churro

Chow House: (Ice Cream shop located in Ghost Town by the Saloon)

  • Dark Entities Lemonade with mint, lychee fruit, and desert pear syrup
  • Wicked Wafflewich

Murderous Midnight Funnel Cake: Funnel Cake with Blueberries, Lemon and Gummies

  • Sutter’s Funnel (by Sutter’s Grill near the entrance in Ghost Town)
  • Log Ride Funnel
  • Ghost Town Grub (located in Ghost Town near Fireman’s)
  • Cable Car Kitchen (located outside the park in the Marketplace)

Wilderness Broiler (located by Pony Express) will continue offering a rotational seasonal menu that is not considered part of the Halloween food offerings. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest announcements, because the Halloween Sushi might make a one week appearance!

There are so many new foods to try that you’ll want to try them all. This is the best time to try the All Day Dining Pass which allows you a meal plan eligible entree every 90 minutes! When else will you be able to try frog legs on a meal plan?! As a reminder, food items will only be available if the restaurant is open. For your best bet, plan on visiting the park on peak days Thurday – Sunday.

Knott’s Scary Farm starts September 16 – October 31 on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday after park hours. Additional tickets are required and start at $50. Knott’s Spooky Farm happens Saturday and Sunday September 25 – October 31. Kids 13 and under can enjoy complementary trick or treat trails and all guests will be able to experience themed characters and a brand new Camp Snoopy Halloween Show.

What to do with Leftover Rotisserie Chicken

If you’re like me, the ease and delicious smells from the ready-to-eat rotisserie chickens always draws me in. I have these beautiful visions in my head of my family sitting around the dinner table, sharing about their day over a warm meal that I definitely did not make. It always so happens that I always have leftover chicken for days since these rotisserie chickens seem to be never ending. They are the gift that keeps on giving since I have two easy recipes for you that will result with no chicken part left behind!

Chicken Salad on Focaccia

I got this recipe from Ralph’s (which is incidentally where I also picked up my rotisserie chicken).


  • 1 1⁄2 cups celery, chopped
  • 3⁄4 cup mayonnaise
  • 2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice
  • 1 1⁄2 cups lettuce, shredded
  • 1 cup grapes, halved
  • 2 teaspoons tarragon
  • 1 each focaccia bread loaf, sliced in half lengthwise
  • cashews, for garnish
  • 4 cups rotisserie chicken, skin removed, cut into pieces
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 bunch green onions, sliced


  • Step 1: Mix chicken, mayonnaise, tarragon, green onions, grapes, lemon juice and celery together. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
  • Step 2: Place chicken salad on bottom half of focaccia. Top with cashews and lettuce, then other half of focaccia. Cut into slices and serve.

Easy Jook (Chinese Rice Porridge) in the Pressure Cooker

This recipe uses the remainder of the chicken carcass and leftover meat on the bones.


  • 1 cup rice (brown rice okay)
  • 6 cups water
  • Rotisserie chicken carcass and leftover meat
  • Soy sauce and sesame oil to taste
  • green onions for garnish


  • Step 1: Wash rice thoroughly and add to pressure cooker. Add 6 cups of water and chicken carcass.
  • Step 2: Cook on high for about 25 minutes. Release naturally or keep a towel nearby because the starchiness of the rice will make it splatter.
  • Step 3: Carefully remove bones and serve into bowls. Add soy sauce until the color turns a light brown or to taste. Other popular toppings are Chinese donuts, green onion, fried scallions, thousand year old egg, sesame oil.

With these recipes, you can easily get 3 meals out of just one rotisserie chicken! You can find all the ingredients at your local Ralph’s or Food4Less.

Summer Fun at Universal Studios Hollywood

Celebrate Summertime at Universal Studios Hollywood! Universal Studios invited us to visit and gave us Xpress Lane passes to experience the new rides and attractions. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash!

On the top of everyone’s “must-do” list is the new The Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash! ride! Located on the upper level right across from Despicable Me Minion Mayhem. This is a family friendly dark ride featuring the furry friends from Illumination’s The Secret Life of Pets films. There are no scary scenes and it is not in 3D (which is great for those like me who get motion sickness with 3D technology!). Ride vehicles fit two guests with a pull down lap bar and guests must be over 34″ tall to ride.

What makes this ride experience stand out from the rest is the outstanding line experience! Wait times in the morning were as low as 20 minutes, but in the afternoon I did see it jump to around 70 minutes. There is plenty to see in the ride queue itself with animatronics, fun props to take photos with, and screens with a glimpse into what these pets actually do when no one is around. If you do choose to purchase an Xpress Lane (which allows you to bypass the line), you will still see two animatronic scenes. I recommend at least walking through the first level so you can see the bulk of the queue entertainment through the dachshund scene (our favorite!).

Jurassic World the Ride: New Indominus Rex!

Both of kids surprised us all by deciding to ride Jurassic World for the first time! Height limit is 42 inches tall and they were packed pretty well in between us adults. Universal Studios has also brought back their “Single Rider” line which means all available seats are filled. Jurassic World–the Ride features an original storyline that takes guests on a breathtaking excursion through the theme park as depicted in Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment’s film Jurassic World. Look out for new iconic dinosaurs from the movie including the colossal Indominus rex who stakes her claim at the ride’s finale. If your kids are still a little nervous, you can ask for a Child Swap Pass when you get off the ride. My kids enjoyed playing at the Jurassic Park play area (only open until 6:20!) while we waited for everyone in our group to ride.

New Food Options

Minions Cafe is now open right next o Despicable Me Minion Mayhem and Super Silly Fun Land! This all new quick service restaurant features perfectly round grilled cheese sandwiches, fun mac n cheese, and banana themed desserts. We ordered the grilled cheese which comes with a tomato soup dipper and fries and the chicken bacon mac n cheese. Definitely safe room for dessert, especially the Nutella Banana pudding! There are also two different collectable Minion sippers available for purchase which includes either a soft drink or a coffee.

Since the park closes at 8:00, you might want to consider eating dinner at Universal CityWalk. NBC Sports Grill & Brew is now open right across from the light up fountains. Guests can enjoy all-star food while watching popular live sporting events on an array of HDTV screens. The menu also offers 40+ beers and a menu curated by Executive Chef Marie Grimm. Even if you haven’t worked up an appetite, guests can still enjoy the huge 23 feet by 13 feet HDTV monitor from outside the restaurant!

For more of our theme park adventures, find us on Instagram @littlegraythread

Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive Thru Experience Comes to Ontario

Mark your calendars and start your engines, because the Mattel Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive Thru Experience is happening at the Ontario Toyata Arena through January 3! Thank you Mattel for inviting us to check out this event for free.

Journey into a one-of-a-kind, contactless experience where the world of Hot Wheels comes to life right outside your windows! Drive through this LARGER THAN LIFE showcase of everyone’s favorite Hot Wheels Monster Trucks, specialty Monster Trucks, Garage of Legends vehicles, robots and more! EVERY ticket purchase includes a Hot Wheels 3-Car Pack and one FREE digital photo memory of your experience!

Where: Toyota Arena 4000 ONTARIO CENTER, ONTARIO, CA 91764

When: December 3 – January 3

  • Monday – Thursday: 4pm – 9om
  • Friday: 12pm – 9pm
  • Saturday: 10am – 10pm
  • Sunday: 12pm – 8pm

Tickets: Start at $45 per car online ($55 at the gate), Friday – Sunday $50 online, $60 at the gate. Buy tickets online here.

  • Ticket price is PER CAR
  • Admission includes a 3 pack of Hot Wheels, Lanyard, and 2 downloadable no-contact photo ops
  • Add on additional merch toy packs for $29.99


  • Hot Wheels Hall of Fame – Twin Mill®, Deora® II, Rip Rod®, Loop Coupe®, and the original Bone Shaker®
  • The Original Monster Truck, BIGFOOT®
  • BIGFOOT® #5, the World’s Tallest & Heaviest Monster Truck!
  • Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live’s Tiger Shark™, Demo Derby & V8 Bomber™
  • 4- Story MEGASAURAS!
  • Spectacular Light Tunnels

Know Before You Go

  • Wear a mask. All staff are wearing masks.
  • It took us an hour to get through the entire 1 mile course.
  • You may not exit your vehicle at any time.
  • No restrooms or snacks are available on location.
  • There are 3 light tunnels that flash and strobe.
  • Dogs are allowed in cars!

Best Toys for Creative Kids

Since we spent more time at home in 2020, my kids have been doing more crafting during their play. We found out about all these amazing toys from The Toy Insider Holiday of Play Toy Conference and we were sent these toys for free to review. A comprehensive list can also be found on my Amazon Shopfront (affiliate links). Here are my kids’ picks for Best Toys for Creative Kids!

Punch Needle Embroidery Kit (MSRP $22.99)

  • Ages 8+
  • Perfect soothing brainless craft for kids and adults alike!

Latch Kit by Playmonster (MSRP $14.99)

  • Ages 8+
  • Create a mini rug out of pre-cut pieces of yarn
  • Includes everthing you need: color-coded canvas, latch hook tool, pre-cut yarn

Y’Art 3-in-1 kit by Playmonster (MRSP $29.99, single sets available for $14.99)

  • Ages 8+
  • Color a Masterpiece with Yarn
  • Yarn Clings to the Oops-Proof Grip-N-Stick Y’Artboard

Music Machine Kit from Elenco (MSRP $49.99)

  • Ages 8+
  • Build your toy step-by-step, No glue or tools required
  • Learn about gear mechanics, vibrations, musical notes

Crayola STEAM Paper Flower Science Kit (MSRP $19.99)

  • Ages 7+
  • Make 12 flowers
  • Color by using the wick, eyedropping color ink, or markers included
  • Learn about color mixing

Scribble Scrubbie Pet Grooming Truck (MSRP $19.99, smaller 2 pack available for $7.99)

  • Ages 3+
  • Fuzzy collectable animals that you can color with included markers
  • Rinse off in the Pet Grooming Truck to color again and again

Spinmaster Rainbow Jellies (MSRP $19.99)

  • Ages 6+
  • Create your own squishy characters with this surprise creation kit
  • Choose, add magic goo, let it set, and add a keychain!
  • Refills are also available

Crayola Glitter Dots (MSRP $9.99)

  • Ages 5+
  • 42 Glitter Dots
  • Create 3 Keychains

Educational Insights Color by Playfoam (MSRP $7.99)

  • Ages 5+
  • Create a Squishy Work of Art

Taste of Merry Farm at Knotts Berry Farm: Is it Safe?

The halls are decked and the Charlie Brown Christmas Trees have their single red ornament on top at Knotts Berry Farm this Holiday Season. Knott’s Berry Farm Taste of Merry Farm is the third “Taste of Knotts” outdoor food and retail event, but the first one that we have decided to go to. I am an official Knotts Ambassador, which means we got our tickets for free on behalf of Knotts Berry Farm. While the park itself technically remains closed (no rides are running), Taste of Merry Farms offers live entertainment, character interactions, a beautifully decorated park, and yummy food–all our favorite parts of Merry Farm!

Logistics: Tickets, Dates, and Hours

  • Select Dates November 20 – January 3 (generally Friday, Saturdays and Sundays with some select weekdays during peak Holiday weeks like Thanksgiving, Christmas through New Years, Closed Christmas Day)
  • Hours are typically 12pm – 9pm (some days close at 8pm). There are no timed entries or limited hours. You could spend the entire day there, like we did, from open to close
  • Tickets (Taste of Merry Farm Tasting Card): $40 for adults for 5 tastes, $20 for kids ages 3-11 for 3 tastes. Annual Passholders enjoy a 10% discount. Buy Tickets HERE.
  • Parking is complementary all day in the Marketplace parking lot
  • You MUST buy a Taste of Merry Farm Tasting Card to be admitted for entrance. If you run out of Tastes, you can purchase more inside the park.
  • Pro-Tip: If a date you’re looking for is sold out, you might still be able to book it if you book a Hotel Package (Starting at $60 per person per night).

What’s Included?

  • Over 60 Food and Drink (even alcoholic!) offerings
  • Over 23 local artisans in the annual Craft Fair
  • The entire park is decorated so you can leisurely walk around and take in the sights
  • Photo spots including the famous Calico Square Christmas Tree
  • Live Entertainment shows throughout the park
  • Characters including Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Franklin, Santa Snoopy, and even the real Santa Claus (masked!) and Mrs. Claus in the indoor Wilderness Dance Hall

Let’s Talk Santa Photos

There are two ways to experience Santa at the Taste of Merry Farm: the real Santa in the flesh in an indoor location (reservations required in advance) and Santa Snoopy in an outdoor location in Camp Snoopy (first come first serve, no reservations).

Santa Claus at Wilderness Dance Hall

Once you have your tickets bought, you can make a reservation online to purchase a photo package (you can also save $3 by purchasing in advance online). This ensures your time slot with Santa. If you don’t want to buy a photo package, you can make an in person reservation the day of your visit. Visit the reservation booth as soon as you get there which is located right outside the Wilderness Dance Hall (behind the School House in Ghost Town). Once you enter the park, head to your left into Ghost Town, follow either road straight back (do not turn left toward Ghostrider), and turn left once you hit the Saloon. You should see the big red school house and Town Hall. The Wilderness Dance Hall is located behind those buildings.

Please note that this is an indoor location and parties are allowed to take off their masks for the photo and interaction. Three families are let in at a time, but are spaced out 1) to meet Mrs. Claus first from the line, 2) the interaction with Santa, and 3) photo review and purchasing station. Once you meet Santa, parties are allowed to take off their masks for the photo and sit on boxes which are sanitized between each group. Santa does sit well over 6 feet away, but is definitely within chatting distance. Our family was not comfortable with people taking off masks indoors, so we personally skipped this experience.

Santa Snoopy

If you prefer an outdoor meeting location, Santa Snoopy is meeting guests in the heart of Camp Snoopy by the Charlie Brown Rock. His line tends to fill up fast so its best to be in the area at least 15 minutes before his set (a Knott’s Associate will be able to help you out with times for the day). The end of the line is near the Fruit Stand where there is also a beautifully decorated photo op (just props, no Knott’s Photographer). If you’re looking at the photo location, follow the gazebo around to your right until it wraps around by the Ferris Wheel. The line feels abnormally long and far away, but it’s because social distancing is strictly enforced. To find this location, turn right after you enter the main gates and head into Camp Snoopy. Go past the first few rides and Camp Snoopy Theater, and even past Grizzly Bear Restaurant. Keep walking straight and you will eventually run into it. For the best lighting, visit Santa Snoopy around 4:00 (you’re welcome).

Photo Ops Throughout the Park (FunPix represents a Knott’s Photographer)

It’s important to note that Knott’s Photographers will not take your phone to take photos. You can enjoy unlimited FunPix photos for $29.99 (purchase this at the entrance of Ghost Town as you enter the park). Pro Tip: If you’d like someone to take a photo for you, or vice versa, ask if you can use your own phone and airdrop it to them.

  • Main Gate Bear Display (FunPix)
  • Santa in Wilderness Dance Hall (FunPix, reservations required)
  • Calico Square Christmas Tree (FunPix)
  • Santa Snoopy in Camp Snoopy (FunPix)
  • Holiday Display by Santa Snoopy Line (no FunPix)
  • Holiday Sweater Cut out displays throughout the park (no FunPix)
  • Peanuts Characters in Camp Snoopy Theater (no FunPix)
  • Peanuts Characters on Charles M Schulz Theater Balcony (no FunPix)

Guide to Live Entertainment

Our favorite part about theme parks is the live entertainment! Characters who are on ground level are generally all wearing masks and are kept socially distanced from guests.

Calico Mine Stage (across the train tracks)

This will be your hub for mainstage Live Entertainment! There are also tables where you can enjoy your food and drink. You can also sit at these tables to watch the show, but keep your mask on if you are not actively eating or drinking.

  • Hayden’s Magic Show
  • Birdcage Theater Performers Trunk Show
  • Video of an all new previously recorded Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies Christmas Show
  • Video of a previous production of Snoopy on Ice in the evenings

Throughout Calico Ghost Town

  • Help the Ghosts of Christmas cheer up Scrooge before nightfall! Look on the balconies of the Saloon, Glass Blower, and Scrooge and Marley porch (formerly Calico Town Hall). Don’t forget to stop by the cemetery to see if Scrooge’s headstone is there!
  • Also on the Saloon balcony are the Calico Hand Bell Choir singing and ringing Christmas Carols
  • Sad Eyed Joe in between the Sheriff Office and Goldie’s Hotel (although he has changed his name to GLAD Eyed Joe!)
  • Train Conductor at the Train Station
  • Santa’s Stilts Toy Solders–catch them around the train station

Boardwalk Area

  • K-NOT Radio with Wayne Deer and Ginger Snaps dj-ing fun Holiday Music to dance along to. Located near Coasters Diner.
  • You might find an old tree salesman near Hangtime trying to sell you Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree

Peanuts Characters

  • Camp Snoopy Theater in Camp Snoopy
  • Charles M Schulz Theater Balcony (where the Ice Show usually is). Enter the ramp near the bumper cars turned eating area
  • Santa Snoopy by the Charlie Brown Rock in Camp Snoopy

The Food!

I literally felt like we ate all day! I was pleasantly surprised that the lines were not long at all and we had to wait maybe 2 people at the most. The longest line I saw was for Funnel Cake at the end of the evening, but the second funnel cake place mysteriously had no line. Even if lines looked long due to social distancing, they moved quickly. We had 15 Tastes between the three of us (they generously gave my children adult cards so we had 5 tastes each) and the portions were all full sized. I definitely brought my lightest tupperwear with me and a few ziplock bags and they did come in handy with bringing home leftovers! We are not alcohol drinkers, so our priorities were on Turkey themed foods and desserts! A full list of savory and sweet foods can be found at knotts.com. Here are our favorites:

  • Turkey Dinner Tater Tots and Green Bean Fries from Calico Tater Bites (by Wagon Wheel Stunt Show)
  • Turkey Dinner Big Bites and Pomegranate Molasses Brussel Sprouts from Spurs Booth (by Ghost Rider). The Turkey Dinner Big Bites come with Brussel Sprouts, so you don’t have to order a complete Brussel Sprout Entree like I did.
  • Festive Popcorn Chicken, Cheese and Fries bowl from La Papa Loca (in Fiesta Village)
  • Raspberry and White Chocolate Cookiewich with Strawberry Soft Serve and Elf Float (Lime and Sugar Plum ICEE with Vanilla Soft Serve). GET THE ELF FLOAT. It is amazing and it tastes like the classic holiday punch of sprite with rainbow sherbert. (Located at Chowhouse Ice Cream near the Saloon)
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Slice with Vanilla Soft Serve from Hollywood Hits (located near Charles M Schulz Theater). There were also a lot of yummy looking alcoholic drinks served here like champagne and boysenberry ice cream float, Boysenberry Citrus Mule, Frozen Cherry Lime Margarita, Frosty Jack and Coke, and a Red, White and Boysenberry Mulled Wine. If I was a drinking gal, I’d save my Tastes for those!
  • Concha Stuffed Ice Cream from the Dippin Dots gazebo near the Screamin Ride
  • My favorite desserts: Chocolate Peppermint Cheesecake bar, Red Raspberry Cheesecake, and Comet’s Cinnamon Bun with Maple Glaze and Candied Pecans. GET THE CINNAMON BUN. My children picked this over a funnel cake and I am forever grateful they did.
  • Things I wish I tried: Vixen’s Turkey Burger and Knott’s Holiday Bowl from Coaster’s Diner, and the Strawberry Funnel Cake with Vanilla Ice cream that my kids didn’t let me get.

Secret Eating Areas with Less People

As a reminder, you may only remove your mask if you are SITTING and actively eating or drinking. You may not walk around with your mask off and eat or sip on the go. There are ample tables all over the park, but I did find some areas that seemed to be on the less beaten path.

  • Tables by Pony Express along the pathway to Charles M Schulz Theater
  • Bumper Cars Turned eating area by Charles M Schulz Theater
  • Boardwalk tables along Hang Time
  • Pathway between Camp Snoopy and Fiesta Village

Most Crowded Eating Areas

Please be respectful and only sit with members of your own household.

  • Tables by Calico Mine Stage (lots of live entertainment happening simultaneously)
  • Tables surrounding the Calico Square Tree
  • Tables by Fireman’s BBQ in Calico
  • Tables in Fiesta Village (it might have been the time of day we were trying to find a spot, to be honest)

Even though these were the highest traffic area, we never had a problem finding a spot to sit before removing our masks to eat. As always, Knott’s Associates were quick to clean and sanitize tables before we sat down.

So…Is it Safe?

To be honest, I was very anxious about attending our first “Taste of Knotts” event. I had no doubt that Knott’s Associates were doing the best job with cleaning and sanitizing tables, but I was mainly worried about other guests not abiding by the rules. Going in, it was my understanding that masks are required and enforced unless actively sitting and eating or drinking. We arrived right at opening and stayed until it closed at 9pm. During the daylight hours, my kids noticed that pretty much everyone was walking around with their masks worn properly. We didn’t notice anyone trying to walk and eat at the same time. As the day rolled on and as night fell, we noticed more and more people getting lax about their mask wearing (noses out), or not being able to find a table so they decided to eat or drink on the go. Honestly, this was to be expected since we can’t expect 100% compliance.

If I were to rate this on a safety level compared to other things, I’d say that it’s about as safe as eating at an outdoor mall like the Irvine Spectrum, definitely safer than the beach, but not as safe as going to the grocery store (since it involves masks being taken off repeatedly to eat). Everyone’s safety levels are going to be slightly different. It’s important to remember that everything is a risk, and with every risk comes consequence or reward. The consequence here is that we’re potentially putting ourselves at risk for getting sick by having our masks off around people outside our household while eating (some might argue that this risk is very small), but the reward is priceless memories and the ability to carry out one of our Holiday traditions by celebrating at Knott’s Berry Farm.

Here are some ways that Knott’s Berry Farm has adapted to conform to Covid standards:

  • Temp Checks and symptoms questionnaire upon entry
  • Touchless checkouts for food and merchandise
  • Social Distancing markers to space out lines
  • Increased cleaning of tables and high touch surfaces (very well monitored)
  • Hand sanitizer and hand washing stations throughout the park
  • Sanitizing wipes available if associates are not around

Tips to Staying Safe While Visiting Merry Farm during Pandemic

  • WEAR YOUR MASK. And wear it properly which means covering your nose. Bring a spare just in case one gets wet or dirty.
  • Wash and Sanitize your hands frequently. I personally brought 3 bottles of hand sanitizer with us, but there are ample sanitizing stations, as well as hand washing stations, throughout the park.
  • ONLY VISIT WITH MEMBERS OF YOUR OWN HOUSEHOLD. If you happen to meet up or see people you know, do not share tables with them if you are all eating without your masks off. This defeats the purpose.
  • Do not take your masks off for pictures. While it seems that Knott’s Associates are allowing people to remove their masks for photos, as a wise man Johnathan Van Ness once said, “Just because you Ameri-can does not mean you Ameri-should.” Even if it appears “safe” because “no one is around” or characters might be 6 feet away, wearing a mask is a simple way to keep your particles to yourself. Think about it this way: if everyone takes off their mask around Santa, Santa is now exposed to everyone he’s seen throughout the day. Even if he is wearing a masks, and the guest’s mask is only taken of briefly for a photo, particles still can spread during those 10-15 seconds, and now Santa is at a heighted length of exposure over time. I’m still hoping Santa will be able to deliver presents on Christmas, and I wouldn’t want to risk him having to quarantine at the North Pole. To us, wearing a mask shows that we believe in science, empathy, and overall kindness for humankind. Personally, we would rather show other people that Knott’s is a place that abides by mask rules instead of potentially painting the picture that masks are optional.

For more about us, be sure to find us on instagram at www.instagram.com/LittleGrayThread.

Best Buddy the Elf Presents

“Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?” The holidays are synonymous with the movie “Elf” and you’re going to need to find the perfect present for the people in your life that share your affinity for elf culture.

Fisher Price Little People Collector “Elf” set

Available at amazon.com

  • ​Special edition Little People Collector figure set for fans of the hit holiday film, Elf, ages 1-101 years
  • ​Includes a decorated Christmas tree plus Buddy the Elf and Buddy’s Bestest Friend, both styled to look like the characters from the film
  • Toddler-friendly figures sized just right for little hands
  • ​Look for more special edition Little People Collector figure sets to add to your collection! (Each set sold separately and subject to availability.)
  • ​Figure set comes in a gift-ready package featuring a pretend snow globe with confetti snow

Funko Games Elf–Journey from the North Pole

Available at target.com

Help Buddy the Elf find his dad by laying a loopy route from the North Pole to New York City. Play path cards to the board and move Buddy along its crazy curves. Lead him toward your secret goal landmarks along the way to score points. The player with the most points when Buddy the Elf finds his dad wins! Best for ages 8 and up, 2-4 players

Funko Games Elf Snowball Showdown Card Game

Available at walmart.com

Join Buddy the Elf in a surprise snowball fight! “Throw” a set of like­colored snowball cards at another player and they can return fire! When you’re the target, roll the jumbo snowball dice to dodge the icy barrage. When you get hit, take a snowball “splat” card-three hits and you’re out. In this frigid fight, the last elf standing wins!. For ages 6+, 3-6 players.

Plus Plus Elf Mini Maker Tube

Available at amazon.com

  • SIMPLE DESIGN – FUELS CREATIVITY: One shape, endless possibility! Every brick easily connects to the next. Create colorful flat mosaics or work in 3-D to make more intricate builds. Mix and match any Plus-Plus set to bring more ideas to life!
  • STEM | STEAM Toy: Plus-Plus empowers children with free explorative play as they encourage fine motor skills, logic, creativity and imagination all without the use of screens. Part engineering, part art, with a bit of math and a whole lot of FUN!
  • PERFECT FOR ON-THE-GO: Design and build your creations any way you want, wherever you want! Great for every adventure – car rides, restaurants, a friend’s house, or in your own living room. Stay entertained for hours!
  • BUILDING SET INCLUDES: This tube includes 70+ pieces and Instructions to build an Elf. The perfect holiday stocking stuffer for Christmas!
  • SUGGESTED FOR AGES 5-12: Each Plus-Plus piece measures 3/4″ x 1/2″. Appeals to a broad range of ages! Made from high quality BPA-free and phthalate-free plastic. Made in Denmark.

Drive Thru Christmas Events in Los Angeles and Orange County

With Covid still very much a threat, it’s important to consider safe, masked, and socially distanced Holiday activities this season. Just because we can’t celebrate the Holidays like we have in years past does not mean that Christmas is cancelled! We have enjoyed drive thru events from the safety of our car and we are excited to check out these Holiday events!

Elf on the Shelf: Magical Elf Journey

Get ready for an all-new, one-of-a-kind immersive experience with The Elf on the Shelf’s Magical Holiday Journey, all from the safety of your own car!

This year Christmas Spirit is running low, so during test flights Santa’s sleigh had to make an emergency landing at Fairplex in Pomona. Now the Scout Elves have assembled there, and they need your help! Join them on a drive-thru quest to build more Christmas Spirit, as you and your elf-loving crew magically shrink down to elf size and embark on a fun expedition to help repair Santa’s sleigh. Enjoy a dazzling light spectacle with toy-repair workshops, gingerbread villages, and all the sights and sounds of the holidays, blended with a touch of high-spirited fun that only Santa’s favorite Scout Elves can deliver. Assemble your family and friends and help save Christmas at The Elf on the Shelf’s Magical Holiday Journey!

Where: The Fairplex LA County Fairgrounds 1101 W. McKinley Ave. Pomona, CA 91768

When: November 6 – January 3

Masks: All staff and characters (including Santa!) are wearing masks. Guests are also required to wear masks if you want to roll down your windows.

Tickets: Adults starting at $24.95, Kids (3-12) starting at $19.95 (price depends on date)

Website: https://elfontheshelfjourney.com/

WonderLAand (from the makers of Hauntoween LA)

A frosted, all-ages welcome adventure emerges in Woodland Hills! Celebrate the holiday season with millions of lights and themed decor during a festive WonderLAnd drive-thru show. Experience the magic of our inclusive showcase during the most WONDERFUL time of the year from the safety & comfort of your car.

  • NEW Semi-Enclosed & NEW Open Air Tunnel Installations
  • Synchronized Holiday Music Lights
  • Elaborate Sets & Immersive Stories 
  • Massive Holiday Tree & WonderLAnd Forest Attraction
  • Countless Lights, Candy Canes & Cheer
  • Hologram Installations
  • One-Of-A-Kind Photo & Video Worthy Moments
  • Holidays Around The World Display
  • And yes … Santa, Mrs. Claus & The Elves 
  • Stuffed Holiday Stocking! (Included in ticket price)

Where: SilverLakes Athletic Complex , Norco

When: November 30 – December 23, December 26-30

Masks: All staff and characters are wearing masks. Guests are required to wear masks if you want your windows down.

Tickets: $70 per car

Website: https://www.socalwonderland.com/

Tanaka Farms: Hikari Festival of Lights

Join us for a celebration filled with joy and light! Literally translated, Hikari means shine in Japanese, and this holiday season we have really made Tanaka Farms shine with over a mile of twinkling lights! As you drive through our 30-acre farm, you will be dazzled by farm-themed lighting from trees, to scarecrows, tractors…even our sugarcane got the holiday light treatment! Plus, every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we have a very special visit from Santa, himself!

Where: Tanaka Farms, 5380 3/4 University Dr, Irvine

When: November 29 – January 10

Masks: Staff are wearing masks. Santa is NOT wearing a mask (I wish he was). Guests are required to wear masks if windows are rolled down.

Tickets: Monday – Thursday: $49 per vehicle, Friday – Sunday (with Santa!): $59 per vehicle. Daytime U-Pick Wagon Tours: $20 a person ages 3 and up. Tickets include wagon ride through the light path, get out and pick 3 crops, and photo op with Santa. Again, Santa does not wear a mask and guests are able to take off their mask for the photo (I do not recommend this. Please keep your mask on or skip the photo op altogether).

Other Ways to Support Tanaka Farms:

  • Holiday Market Stand Christmas Tree Lot open from 9am-9pm daily (no additional admission required)
  • Drive Thru Produce stand open from 9am-5pm daily

Website: https://www.tanakafarms.com/hikari

Winterfest OC Presents: Nights of Lights at the OC Fairgrounds

“Night of Lights OC is a must-see holiday experience with a Christmas tree lighting spectacular, including a mile-long drive-thru complete with dazzling and animated lights, plus themed experiences with characters and special effects such as snow fall and bubbles,” continued Carlson. “Guests will be transported to a winter wonderland through a Snow Globe, Icicle Playground, Luminary Village, Inside an Ornament and more. Whether it’s a family outing, date night, or girls night, Night of Lights OC is sure to bring holiday cheer to all ages.”

Pre Order In-Car Holiday Food Treats

Holiday favorite treats are available before you enter the Night of Lights OC experience through a pre-order when purchasing your tickets. Seasonal favorites include hot cocoa, cinnamon sugar donuts, as well as Mom’s Bake Shoppe cookie buckets and brownies, tamales, Holiday ‘Family 4 Pack’ meals, and much more. Food is available to order online by 10am on the date of admission and will be available to pick-up prior to entering the drive-thru experience.

Where: OC Fairgrounds, Costa Mesa

When: December 10 – January 10 (except Christmas Eve)

Tickets: prices start at $49.99 per car

Entry to the event is through online ticket purchases only at NightOfLightsOC.com. Limited reservations are available per time session and guests are encouraged to buy in advance to reserve their date and time session before they sell out. 

Early Bird general admission starts at $49.99 per vehicle (up to five people) on select nights. Larger vehicle tickets (six to nine people) start at $69.99 on select nights. Vehicle height is limited to 8 feet or less, due to the light tunnels. Pricing will increase after Early Bird tickets are sold out.

Community Heroes Discounts 

Every Monday, Night of Lights OC will honor local community heroes with a special $5 off coupon for teachers, military personnel, law enforcement, medical workers and firefighters.

Website: winterfestoc.com

Tanaka Farms 2020 Pumpkin Farm Tours in Covid Times

Halloween does not have to be cancelled and family traditions can live on in 2020! Tanaka Farms has TWO new Pumpkin Farm Tours that have been updated to Covid-19 standards. Tanaka Farms invited our family to check out the new tours for free, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

There are two different Pumpkin Farm Tours: The Drive-Thru Pumpkin Farm Experience runs every Saturday and Sunday from September 19th through October 31st and the U-Pick Pumpkin with Wagon Ride runs Monday through Friday from September 21st through October 30th. You must make reservations in advance to enjoy either option. Reservations can be made at TanakaFarms.com. Our family chose the Weekday U-Pick Pumpkin Wagon Ride option.

Weekdays U-Pick Pumpkin with Wagon Ride

Take a wagon ride led by one of our friendly tour guides around our beautiful 30 acre farm! Includes watching us launch the pumpkin cannon, a ride through the barnyard educational exhibit with farm animals, lots of fun stuff to look at, a scarecrow contest, sunflowers (currently growing, should be in peak bloom in late October), U-Pick veggies, and a pumpkin you pick yourself! Please note you will not exit the wagon until it is time to pick your vegetables and pumpkin. This activity lasts about one hour.

  • Monday through Friday by reservation only
  • Tickets: $25 per person, ages 2 and under are FREE, Active and Retired Military FREE
  • Guided wagon tour (wagons are limited to 20 people max, 10 per car)
  • Pumpkin Cannon Launch
  • Pumpkin Display, Scarecrow Contest, Wall of Pumpkins, Sugar Spider Cane
  • Animal exhibit with farm animals (we saw goats, alpacas, and pigs!)
  • U-Pick produce where you pick 3 veggies
  • Walk the pumpkin patch and find your perfect pumpkin!

Weekend Drive-Thru Pumpkin Farm Experience

A leisurely 1.5 mile drive around our beautiful 30-acre farm! Includes a pumpkin, samples, a barnyard educational exhibit with farm animals, lots of fun stuff to look at, a scarecrow contest, sunflowers (they are growing right now, should be in peak bloom late October), and more! This option is an in-vehicle only option. You will not be exiting your vehicle, except for one optional stop where you will pull off the path so you can pick your own pumpkin in the fields.Thank you for understanding. (Please note that there is a 9 1/2 foot vehicle height clearance.)

  • Weekends only, reservations must be made in advance
  • Tickets: $20 a person, ages 2 and under are FREE, Active and Retired Military are FREE
  • Enjoy the farm from the comfort of your own car (masks are still required)
  • Drive through the same path as the wagon tour and enjoy the decorated pumpkin display, scarecrow contest, Wall of Pumpkins and Sugar Spider Cane.
  • Does NOT include Pumpkin Cannon or U-Pick veggies stop
  • EXCLUSIVE scavenger hunt, pre-bagged samples of pumpkin seeds and candy corn, and Pumpkin Wall Selfie opportunity.
  • At the end of the tour, park your car and walk the pumpkin fields to pick your perfect pumpkin.

Which Tour Should You Pick?

In terms of safety and risk, the weekend Drive-Thru tour will limit your exposure to other people outside of your household since you are in the safety of your own personal car during the hour tour. The only interaction you would have with staff is when they check you in, hand you samples (you can sanitize them as soon as they’re in your car), and if you choose to hand your phone to the worker to have your picture taken at the Wall of Pumpkins.

In terms of photo ops, I thought I would get “better” photos from the wagon, but the wagon actually moved pretty briskly and did not stop in front of the Wall of Pumpkins for a photo. I did manage to snap quick photos from inside the wagon. For the Drive-Thru Weekend tour, you can go at your own pace AND stop at the designated Wall of Pumpkins for a “selfie”. Both experiences allow you to get out of the wagon or car so you can snap photos in the pumpkin patch.

Each experience follows strict Covid guidelines, and I felt safe during the U-Pick Wagon tour. Since we are a family of four, we shared a wagon with 2 other families (each family had 2 adults and a toddler). Our family sat in the center of one side of the wagon, and the other 2 families were spread out in the far corners so we were appropriately socially distanced. Masks are strictly enforced for everyone over the age of 3, employees included.

Pumpkin Patch Rules

With either option, you’ll be able to pick your own pumpkin in the pumpkin patch. You must be able to carry your pumpkin out by yourself. This means adults can not help kids carry larger pumpkins, and you are limited to what you can physically carry (I really pushed my limits here, but I was able to get the largest pumpkin of my dreams!). They do provide wheelbarrows for you to roll to your car, but you have to get it to the wheelbarrow first! Tanaka Farms offers a variety of pumpkins including pumpkins still growing on the vine, unique fantasy pumpkins like Cinderella Pumpkins, yellow, white, and green pumpkins, and smaller sugar pie pumpkins which are great for little hands. You can also purchase extra pumpkins on your way out, but your ticket entitles you to one pumpkin.

Is it Worth It?

With tickets being $20-$25 each, the price definitely adds up especially if you have multiple kids. But remember that the price also includes the cost of a pumpkin AND the Tanaka Farms experience. I checked prices of pumpkins at our local grocery stores and they run about $10 for the fancy pumpkins. Even at 99 cents a pound, my larger than life 50+ pound pumpkin could have easily cost me over $50. For the additional price, you also get the full Farm tour AND the opportunity to pick your own pumpkin straight from the vine. Also, every dollar you spend goes to supporting an Asian owned small business!

Know Before You Go

  • Remember that this is a working farm with uneven dirt ground! We were comfortable in flip flops, but close toed shoes are recommended. You will probably leave dirty and dusty, so bring hand wipes or a change of shoes.
  • Parking is included with price of tour
  • Pick an early tour time for the best selection of pumpkins.
  • Portapotties and handwashing stations are available.
  • Light snacks and drinks are available for purchase in the outdoor giftshop
  • Strollers are welcomed, but it may be hard to push on the dirt terrain.
  • Masks are required for everyone age 3 and up
  • As mentioned on their website, please do not check in with people outside of your household. No groups of any size are allowed to gather outside of your quarantine pod. Further Covid-19 information can be found at TanakaFarms.com.

For more family adventures in Orange County, find us on Instagram @LittleGrayThread

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🎃 Pumpkin Patch Season is upon us at @tanakafarms 🎃 ad . . I honestly didn’t think that we would be able to partake in our annual family tradition at @tanakafarms, but they have TWO brand new covid-friendly Pumpkin Patch experiences. The only reason why I even considered this event because I know how stringent @tanakafarms has been with Covid guidelines and they specifically say in on their website that masks are required and to only check in with members of your immediate household. . . 🎃 Monday-Friday Wagon Tours: $25 a person. . 🌻 Wagon U-pick tours are functioning at 25% capacity, 20 people max per 2 car wagon to ensure social distancing. . 🌻 About an hour tour (including picking time) through Tanaka farms, Scarecrows, Spidery Sugar Cane, Jack o Lanterns, and pumpkin displays . 🌻 Make a stop to visit the animals and learn a little more about that! We saw pigs, alpacas, and goats. . 🌻 Pumpkin Canon Launch! . 🌻 At the end of the tour, pick 3 crops (we got carrots, cilantro and radish). Social distancing is controlled through limiting the number of groups at a time. . 🌻 Pick your pumpkin! Every ticket includes a pumpkin. The only rules are that you have to be able to carry it out yourself! . . 🎃 Weekend Drive thru tours: $20 a person 🎃 . 🌻 Follow a similar route as you drive through Tanaka Farms in the safety of your own car. . 🌻 Drive past the pumpkin and scarecrow displays and through the Spider Sugar Cane. There is no pumpkin canon on the weekends. . 🌻 Make a stop at the animals and snap some photos! . 🌻 No produce picking for drive thru tours, but you can park and get out and pick your pumpkin! . . Thanks @tanakafarms for adhering to Covid guidelines and giving us a safe way to celebrate Halloween! Please support this Asian owned small business 🥰 . . #tanakafarms #covidhalloween #pumpkinpatch #ocblogger #ochalloween #ocpumpkinpatch #halloween #halloweentraditions #representASIAN #supportsmallbusiness #orangecounty

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