What Captain Marvel Taught my Daughters about Friendships

Captain Marvel Disneyland

Captain Marvel fandom has hit the nation and little girls everywhere are rejoicing that there is a new female superhero in town!  We are huge Marvel fans in our household (Loki literally stole Baby Loki’s heart) so my daughters naturally were excited to meet her at Disneyland and see her movie.

Captain Marvel Disneyland

It might be an unpopular opinion to take a 4 and 6 year old to a PG-13 movie, but the girls had been asking to go and have a family night out at the movies.  This was their first Marvel movie in the theaters (they’ve watched the other Marvel movies at home) and I heard from multiple moms that this is an excellent “girl power” movie.  LittleSage spent the entire movie snuggled up next to my husband so she wasn’t too phased, but LittleGray spent a lot of the movie hidden behind my arm.  She tends to be the most “scared” of the two, but she did leave the movie loving it.  She did mention that she would have preferred to watch it at home.

Before you continue reading, please be warned that there are *POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD*

Something that struck me about Captain Marvel was how lost she felt.  She didn’t know who she was, where she was from, or what even or own identity.  Her existence as she knew it was based on things that she was told by other people.  This really resonated with me because I feel that a woman’s identity can also often times feel lost.

I noticed that Captain Marvel only smiled when she was with Maria and Monica, her friends and family from Earth.  They helped her remember her true self as “Carol Danvers” and reminded her of her roots, her accomplishments, and who she actually was.  Once she realized who she could trust, what was her home, and who was her family, she was able to relax and become vulnerable again.

Captain Marvel as “Veers” lived her life with her guard up, conflicted, stoic, and confused.  Her Kree family never let her fully embrace who she was.  They tried to punish and control her power instead of letting her explore it.  It’s such a big life lesson to learn that people who try to force you to do something or be someone you’re not are not your friends and probably shouldn’t be in your life. 

Captain Marvel Disneyland

I want my girls to remember this lesson on friendship.  A true friend will not force you to do something that is against your nature.  LittleGray has already had her friendships tested when her “friends” tried to convince her to do something that she knew was wrong.  It takes a strong person to stand up to your own convictions and to do the right thing, even when your friends are telling you to do something else.

Captain Marvel Disneyland

A true friend will make you feel like you’re home.  They will remind you of the times when you felt on top of the world.  They will never try to stifle what makes you special–instead they will celebrate those things and help you best feature them.  A best friend will encourage you to be the best version of yourself.  I’m so grateful that I found that in my best friend Jo, and I hope that our daughters’ friendships continue to grow throughout their lifetime.


Five Ways You can Prepare Kids for a Broadway Show

Segerstrom Arts Aladdin

Recently, the girls and I were invited to attend Broadway Disney’s Aladdin at Segerstrom Theater in Orange County.  LittleGray and I saw Aladdin last year at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood, but this was our first show at Segerstrom.  Aladdin is one of my all time favorite musicals and we listen to the soundtrack frequently in the car (more on that later.)  Since it is tied so closely to the animated feature, this is the perfect way to introduce your kids to the theater.  The script is super funny and full of one liners.  The only slightly scary scene is the introduction to the Cave of Wonders, just because it gets a little loud and dark.  Even Jafar doesn’t read as “scary” and is actually quite funny throughout the show!

Broadway Disney Aladdin

It’s always a nervous exciting feeling the first time you visit a new theater because you don’t really know what to expect.  Especially if this is your child’s first full length Broadway show, you want them going into the experience as prepared as possible.  Here are my top 5 ways I prepare before taking my kids to the theater.

1.  Buy the Soundtrack ahead of time

I actually bought the Aladdin soundtrack as soon as it came out after it premiered on Broadway in New York.  Musicals are our number one car belting picks, and we all fell in love with the music way before Aladdin started touring (I mean, the originally cut song from the cartoon movie version, “Proud of your Boy” is reason enough to buy this CD).  If your kids are familiar with the songs, it will peak their interest and hold their attention when they see it in person on stage.  Also, since you will already have the CD, it will resist the temptation of purchasing it at the gift shop for $30!

2.  Research the history behind the musical


Did you know that Disney legends Alan Menken and Howard Ashman were behind the music for Broadway Disney’s Aladdin?  The music for Aladdin pays homage to the jazz style “scat singing” from the 1920s which is around the time that the Aladdin story was discovered (it is said to be adapted from centuries-old folktales including One Thousand and One Nights).  These behind the scenes facts will help your kids connect to the show and even give you a learning opportunity to research further.

3.  Follow the theater, show, and cast on social media


I’ve discovered so many behind the scenes information by following Segerstrom Arts, Aladdin, and some of the cast on instagram.  Social media allows the public a small window into a person’s private life.  Often times, the show or cast will post clips of what it’s like to be part of a Broadway touring cast.  It really connects you to the people behind the show so they’re not just performers on stage.  Also, by following Segerstrom Arts and other people who have posted about Segerstrom Arts, I discovered that they have a special photo opportunity with Aladdin’s lamp on the top floor.  I would have completely bypassed that if I hadn’t done my research!

4.  Walk around the theater house during intermission

Broadway Disney Aladdin

Our favorite thing to do is to walk up to the stage during intermission to look at the orchestra pit.  At Segerstrom, you can actually look down into the pit and see the instruments and some of the musicians.  What’s also unique to Segerstrom is that you can get an up close view of the sound stage.  I use this as an opportunity to expose my girls to the tech side of theater and how much goes into putting on a performance.

5.  Buy the program book

My favorite souvenir to buy is the program book which is usually around $20.  Photography or videography during the show is strictly prohibited, so the progam is a great way to remember the stunning visuals you’ve just seen.  Usually it will also give you some history about the show.  My girls like to pour over these programs after they go home and relive the show.  It’s a great way to talk about the characters and remember the plot and storyline.

Next Up:  “Emily Brown and the Thing”


I grew up loving theater and musicals so I hope to expose my daughters to live performances as much as I can.  The next family friendly musical at Segerstrom is “Emily Brown and the Thing” which is based off the critically acclaimed book by the same author who wrote “How to Train your Dragon”.  This show will be at the smaller Sameuli Theater on the Segerstrom Arts campus.  Tickets start at just $20 and everyone needs a ticket to attend regardless of age.  “Emily Brown and the Thing” will only be in town on March 30 and 31, so be sure to get your tickets quickly!

Tickets can be bought directly from Segerstrom at SCFTA.org, in person (600 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626), or over the phone (714-556-2787).  Group sale discounts are also available by calling (714) 755-0236.

More information about Disney Aladdin the Hit Broadway Musical can be found online, Instagram, facebook, and Twitter.  All photos are courtesy of Segerstrom Center of the Arts and used with permission.

Favorite Moments of Knotts Berry Farm Peanuts Celebration 2019

Knotts Berry Farm

It’s hard to believe that Knotts Berry Farm Peanuts Celebration 2019 is already coming to a close!  With the crazy amounts of rain we had this season, we weren’t able to experience everything as much as last year, but we still had some memories that I want to remember forever.  Here are my top 10 favorite moments from Peanuts Celebration 2019

1.  Kicking of Knotts Peanuts Celebration as my first event as a Berry Blogger at the Knotts Berry Farm Hotel

Berry Bloggers

My official start as a Berry Blogger happened to be the day before the Knotts Peanuts Celebration kickoff!  It was our first time staying at the Knotts Berry Farm Hotel and I hope it won’t be our last.  We also tried the breakfast at Amber Waves and met Chef Snoopy for the first time!

2.  Charlie Brown Day in the Rain

Charlie Brown Day

Charlie Brown Day is one of my favorite guest appreciation days, especially since LittleSage is obsessed with Charlie Brown (or Emon as she calls him).  The weather had been particularly stormy that week and no one was sure if Knotts would be able to even open for the event.  We majorly lucked out that day and happened to be indoors the few times it downpoured.  It was so much fun meeting up with my fellow Berry Bloggers in all our yellow and black zig zags!

3.  Making Kite Cookies at Cordelia’s Pie Shop

This was one of the new things this year at Peanut’s Celebration and it was extra special since I usually don’t spend the extra money on little activities like this.  But since the Peanuts Celebration desserts were on sale AND I got my season passholder discount on top of it, I obliged which make my girls’ entire life.  They LOVED being able to get creative and it was an added bonus that they got to eat a cookie at the end.  The buckets ended up being the perfect size to hold snacks and clipped on conveniently to my stroller!

Knotts Berry Farm

4.  Woodstock’s Birds Nest

Another thing new this year to Peanut’s Celebration was the retheming of Woodstock’s Bird Nest.  LittleGray’s favorite Peanuts character is Woodstock so she was so hyped that there was an entire ride based on him.  The views were gorgeous as always.

5.  Music Goes Round and Around

I LOVE this musical show on the Calico Stage because it’s one of the few mainstage shows that happens during the day!  The songs are catchy and super informative about the history of music.  We all love seeing Karin on stage and it’s a treat to see our favorite Peanuts characters perform.

Music Goes Round and Around

6.  Sketch School

Sketch School was a popular activity this year because it was something that could be enjoyed even during the rain!  Noel is one of our favorite Knotts performers and he always has us  laughing with his one liners and insane knowledge of Peanuts culture.  It’s such a treat to be able to sit on the Bird Cage Theater stage and an even bigger privilege to sit in the official artist chair!

Knotts Sketch School

7.  Pig Pen and Piggies

Pig Pen

Since this year was the Year of the Pig for lunar new year, pigs were extra special this year.  Pig Pen typically only comes out on Peanuts Celebration days so it was fun seeing a rare character.  LittleGray’s favorite animal are pigs so it was really neat for her to get to see them up close.

8.  Silent Disco at the Fiesta Stage

Usually the Silent Disco only takes place at night, but the girls got to participate in a special KTLA5 News spot in the morning.  They got to try on the headphones and dance to the Silent Disco with the characters in their rare costumes.  I wish they had these characters out year round!

Silent Disco

9. Cowboy Jamboree with Linus and Franklin

The mini games and activities throughout the day were always a highlight because it gave us a chance to have fun with Linus and Franklin.  Since the games changed throughout the day, we would usually come back a couple of times.  It was such a fun experience instead of the usual stop, smile, and take a picture.

10.  Pop Up Character Interactions

Knotts Berry Farm

Having “Dinner” with the Peanuts gang

We got lucky and happen to catch the Peanuts Gang in one of their pop up character experiences!  We were having dinner at Boardwalk BBQ when Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus and Sally happened to stop by.  It wasn’t super crowded, so the characters got to spend a little extra time with us.  They played games like Simon Says and even sat around the dinner table with us.  It was one of the most unique character interactions we ever had and I will never forget it.

Knotts Berry Farm

Wishing Fountain Moments

Knotts Berry Farm

My all time favorite moments of the Peanuts Celebration are the pop up moments at the fountain.  Although we missed the trolley this year, I was excited to see the mini parade moment where the kids could play instruments with the characters.  The girls loved getting a real penny to throw into the fountain with Sally and Lucy.  It made them felt so special and it was the perfect way to end the Peanuts Celebration.

Even though we’re sad about Knotts Peanuts Celebration coming to a close, that just means Boysenberry Festival is right around the corner!  The last day for Peanuts Celebration is March 10, but Boysenberry Festival will start on March 29.

Pinner’s Conference in Ontario, California: A Review


It was the girls’ first convention and naturally it was DIY crafting themed!  The Pinners Conference is a nationwide conference that almost has a cult following.  Crafters from all come together to celebrate the art of crafting.  I have never seen so many wood planks, acrylic pants, and chalk boards in one spot.


There were several different ticket options ranging from $4 (with coupon) general shopping admission to $129 VIP experience.  The conference spanned over 2 days with a variety of different classes offered (I’ll get to that later).  I was provided with a 2 day expo wristband with unlimited classes (a $49 value).  I brought both of the girls with me because children ages 8 and under were free!

The Shopping Expo

The heart of the Pinners conference is the huge shopping expo.  There were rows and rows of handmade goods, crafting supplies, and small businesses.  We even saw a couple of our favorite etsy small shops!  Most booths offered discounted expo pricing on their items.

Gems4Adira TinyHeirMoccs

Many booths offered a “make and take” craft for a nominal fee.  Some crafts were as cheap as $2 for a painted bunny block to $10 for fresh flower crowns.  My kids enjoyed the free make and take crafts such as the pom pom bunny in the pot offered by Michael’s stores.  All the materials were included and friendly staff members were there to help them every step of the way.


The Pinners Conference offered several workshop type classes throughout the day.  There were 7 classrooms in addition to a sewing room.  Class themes ranged from painting wood crafts, hair and makeup, and how to grow your DIY business.

Pinners Conference

The first class we attended was macrame with Rubyellen Bratcher from Cakies.  This class was extra special to me because I have been following her blog since she only had 3 of her 5 kids!  To fully experience the class, you had the option of purchasing a craft kit with all the supplies you need to follow along (it was $30 for this class).  The benefit of learning a new skill at a class like this is that Ruby was right there to answer any immediate questions.  At the end of the class, not only do you have a beautiful craft to take home, but you also have a new skill that you can practice over and over.

I was really looking forward to was “How to build a DIY YouTube Channel” presented by Miaira Jennings from eHow.com.  She taught about how to build a brand, find a niche, and different ways to promote your videos (spoiler alert:  Pinterest plays a big role in this!).  Miaira was available for individual questions after her talk, and LittleSage really wanted to meet her in person.  A huge benefit to attending these conferences is networking and getting advice from experts in the industry.  All of the presenters made it known that they are available via email with any questions which is an invaluable resource.

Miaria Jennings

Was it worth it?

If you are a Pinterest superfan, then YES!  If DIY projects and learning new skills is your jam, then definitely check out the Pinners Conference if it is in a town near you.  People traveled from all over the state to attend this conference and it was easy to see why.  I would suggest looking over the class list to see if anything peaks your interest, and invest in the kits so you can craft along.  Think of it as a 2 day crafter’s retreat where you have the industry’s experts in the same room.


More information about the Pinners Conference can be found on their website, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

How to Participate in Jr. Chef at Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival

Jr Chef, Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival

The Food and Wine Festival at Disney California Adventure is back for 2019 with the return of the kid participation show “Jr. Chef”!  Kids ages 3 to 11 can cook along side Chef Lily and Chef Goofy with their assigned sous Chef to make Magical Oatmeal Almond Cookies.  Since this year’s recipe contains almond flour, individuals who have nut allergies are not allowed to participate in the show, but are allowed to watch from the audience.

Where is it?

The Jr. Chef Stage is located in the Hollywood Backlot near the Monster’s Inc ride.  It is on the stage near the Black Panther meet and greet.   They also have a coloring station where you can decorate your own chef’s hat with crayons and stickers.  Kids of all ages can color at these stations throughout the day until around 5:00

How do you register?

Jr Chef, Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival

Registration for the show starts around a half hour before the show time.  Show times change every day, so be sure to check the day’s entertainment guide for the most up to date time.  You don’t have to get there at rope drop park opening to register.  The registration process happens behind the soundstage closer to the Spiderman meet and greet area.  They can accommodate about 54 kids per show so if you see a long line, don’t lose hope.  I would get to the general area about 35-40 minutes before the showtime to start lining up.

Who is can participate?  Is it free?

Jr Chef, Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival

Any guest between the ages of 3 to 11 can participate!  They will ask you a couple of questions to make sure that the child will be comfortable being on stage without their parents, can follow directions easily, and if there are no nut allergies.  It is free to participate, but you must have valid park admission to Disney California Adventure.

Insider Tips

Jr Chef, Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival

The registration process works best if you have more than one adult in your party.  While one adult stands in line with the kids, I recommend having the other members of your group sit down in the audience.  They do not reserve seats for the parents of the participants, and audience seating is first come first serve.  If you are at towards the front of the registration line, you’re more likely to be on the tables on the stage.  They fill the tables on the ground floor last, so keep that in mind when you are selecting seats.

Meeting Characters and Photo Ops

During the show, you’ll meet the host Chef Lily, and Chef Goofy.  Unfortunately, you won’t be able to snag a photo with Chef Goofy since he enters during the show, and leaves immediately following the show.  If you really want to get a photo of Chef Goofy, I recommend not participating in the show, and seeing if you can catch a high 5 when he walks out after the show (wait around the Monster’s Inc Ride area).

You might be able to get a quick picture with Chef Lily and your sous chef after the show.  All the kid participants are directed back to the registration area where they can be picked up by their parents.  After you pick up your child, you can ask the sous chef and Chef Lily if they have time to snap a quick picture.

Allergy Friendly Options

Since the Food and Wine Festival is presented by Blue Diamond Almond Breeze, this year’s recipe includes almond flour.  Those who have nut allergies are not able to participate in the show but they might have gluten and nut free cookies available for you to take home (subject to availability).  If your child has a gluten allergy, you can participate in the show and request a gluten free cookie on the way out.  The cast members will be able to assist you.

Is it worth it?

Yes!  Not only is it free, but the kids have a great time feeling like they’re immersed in the magic.  You also get to take home a magical oatmeal almond cookie which is DELICIOUS–much better than year’s past!  You also get to take home your personalized chef hat which is different than the hat that is available at the coloring station.

Jr Chef, Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival

The Food and Wine Festival is taking place at Disney California Adventure every day through April 23.  Jr Chef show times vary from day to day and is subject to change or cancellation without notice.  For more information, you can visit their website and see the most beautiful sous chef Rylee on their main photo.

Disney Aladdin the Hit Broadway Musical coming soon to Segerstrom Hall in Costa Mesa


Disney Aladdin the Hit Broadway Musical is making it’s inaugural run at Segerstrom Hall in Costa Mesa!  I took LittleGray to see Aladdin last year at the Pantages (her first show!) but LittleSage hasn’t seen it.  We’re surprising her by taking her to see Aladdin opening week!  I’m a huge supporter of exposing kids to live theater and I’m thrilled that Segerstrom has added Aladdin to their amazing line up.


Aladdin first opened on Broadway in 2014, and started it’s national tour last year.  This is the first time it will be at Segerstrom Center of the Arts conveniently located by South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa.  I love that this theater is in our backyard and we don’t have to travel all the way to Hollywood to see this beautiful show.

Show Times and Tickets

Opening day for Aladdin is Wednesday March 6 and runs through March 23.  Shows are Tuesdays through Fridays at 7:30, with 2:00 matinees on Thursday March 7 and March 21.  Shows on Saturdays are 2:00 and 7:30 and Sunday shows are 1:00 and 6:30.


Tickets start at just $26.50 so there is an affordable option for any budget.  I was surprised to see that orchestra level front row tickets are right around $100 which is astronomically low for a Broadway show like this.  Tickets can be bought directly from Segerstrom at SCFTA.org, in person (600 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626), or over the phone (714-556-2787).  Group sale discounts are also available by calling (714) 755-0236.

More information about Disney Aladdin the Hit Broadway Musical can be found online, Instagram, facebook, and Twitter.  All photos are courtesy of Segerstrom Center of the Arts and used with permission.


A Cinderella Birthday Party at Sugar Plum Parties Aliso Viejo

Sugar Plum Parties is the place where 4 year old dreams are created.  We’ve gone to a couple of their public drop in monthly events, but I have never hosted a Princess Birthday Party.  LittleSage’s love language is princesses and performing arts, so this party is a match made in heaven.  Disclosure: we received the Sweet Soiree party package for free in exchange for an honest review.

The first step of the Royal Transformation is changing into the royal garments.  Sugar Plum Parties has a variety of dress up clothes ranging from princess dresses to fancy pageant gowns.  They even have knight costumes for those who don’t want to wear a dress.  They offer a large range of sizes 2T-12 to ensure that everyone is comfortable.


The guest rotate freely between the makeover stations.  All Sugar Plum Parties come with hairstyling with accessories to take home (complete with pixie dust shower!).  The nail station features kid friendly “Piggy Paint” and is topped with even more glitter.

Each party features a take home party favor.  When you register for the party, you can choose from a make your own teddy bear, two types of charm bracelets, or spa soaps.  LittleSage and her friends are still very much into stuffed animals, so the teddy bears were a huge hit!

Food and Beverages

Light hor d’ouvres are set out to enjoy during the party for both the adults and children.  We had carrots, celery, hummus, ranch, tortilla chips, and guacamole.  The kids enjoyed drinking water and apple juice out of fancy flutes and the adults shared a bottle of martinellis.

When you walk into the party space, you can’t miss the gorgeous decorated table.  Each chair is adorned with rose fabric.  Real china, fabric napkins and teacups fill the tablescape.  Pizza for the kids and adults is included with the package and is ordered by Sugar Plum Parties.

And then there was the cake!  When you register online for the party, you can pick your cake flavor and filling.  We chose a marble cake with strawberry filling.  The cake was delicious and beautifully decorated!  It was a huge relief not having to worry about ordering the cake.  I later found out that the bakery Sugar Plum Parties uses for their cakes is the same bakery that made my wedding cake!


While the kids were waiting for their turn at a makeover station, the stage was open for interpretive dancing and singing.  What’s special about this stage is that there’s a camera facing the stage so the little dancers can see themselves on a screen.  The Princess meet and greet isn’t included in the basic Sweet Soiree package, but you can add it on for an additional fee.  Cinderella surprised our guests right before it was time for cake and lead the group in singing Happy Birthday.  She spent one on one time with each guest before heading to the stage for a dramatic retelling of her story.

The highlight of the party was the coronation ceremony at the end of the party.  The birthday girl got crowned first and then assisted with turning her friends into real princesses and princes.  The tiaras and wands were also theirs to take home.

Party Packages

There are three levels of party packages with the biggest difference being the size of the party.  A completely list of prices and offerings can be found on their website.

  • Simple Soiree ($499)–6 guests including guest of honor
    • Includes dress up, hair up-do with accessory, sparkly nails
    • Singing and dancing
    • Take home favor (choice of making a teddy bear, charm bracelet, or spa gels)
    • Plated pizza meal on served on fine china with fruit tray
    • light hors d’ouvres provided throughout the party (veggies, dip, hummus, tortilla chips and guacamole)
    • Gourmet birthday cake
    • Closing coronation ceremonies on stage
    • Printed invitations and thank you notes are also included
  • Sweet Soiree ($699)–12 guests including guest of honor
    • includes everything mentioned above, but for 12 guests
  • Magical Soiree ($1299)–20 guests including guest of honor
    • includes everything mentioned above for 20 guests
    • also includes glitter face or arm painting
    • choice of TWO take home party favors
    • includes 25 minute meet and greet with a Royal Princess ($135 value)

Our party was the Sweet Soiree package which included an all inclusive party for 11 guests (12 including the birthday guest of honor).  We also had the $135 Royal Princess meet and greet and $75 electronic personalized Princess invitation add on.  You can also choose to have a photographer at the event for $100.  A complete list of add-ons can be found here.  The entire booking process is online.

Party Themes


Aside from the party theme, the biggest choices you’ll have to make are what cake flavors to get and what take home party favors to choose.  Sugar Plum Parties cater to guests up to about age 10, so there are a variety of party themes to choose from.  For the older guests, they have spa days and diva fashion shows.  If princesses aren’t your thing, you can choose a storybook party, or a pajama/doll party.  Of course, the most popular are the Royal Princess Tea parties.  A complete list of their party themes is on their website.

Was it worth it?

I know what you’re thinking.  This is a bougie birthday party with a bougie price tag attached.  Was it worth it?


I am a firm believer in “you get what you pay for” so it is 100% worth every single penny.  The staff was attentive and age appropriate and treated each guest like they were royalty.  There were several times when they were tidying up or changing the party room layout and I didn’t even notice.  They also utilize an internal ear mic system so they were never yelling over the crowd to communicate.  It’s the little things like that that make this type of party a next level experience.  All of us were super impressed that all of the kids (age 2-7) were so nicely behaved and waited patiently for their turn.  I believe this was the work of the staff and the feeling of a having a regal fancy party that no tantrums ensued.

Another big factor to consider is that this is an all inclusive party.  I didn’t have to worry about ordering food, a cake, decorations, or party favors.  I literally showed up 5 minutes before the party and got to enjoy the entire evening without feeling like I was busy “hosting”.  All the little extra costs tend to add up, so it’s nice that everything is included under one price.  It’s also really nice that there is no charge for adults.  The price quote is purely for the cost for each child in attendance.  Any number of adults are welcome to come free of charge.

Drop In Parties

If you don’t want to commit to booking a full Princess Party, or if you don’t have a special occasion coming up soon, Sugar Plum Parties offers once a month public “drop in” parties.  These are usually announced a few months in advance online and they tend to sell out quickly!  Prices for these events start at $35 and include the same hair, nails, princess experience as the birthday parties.  The only thing that is not included in the drop-in party are the take home party favors and full sit down meal.  There is still room in the Cinderella Tea Party on March 10!  Visit SugarPlumParties for more details!

You can follow Sugar Plum Parties Aliso Viejo on Instagram.